ERP Software Systems Support Defense Industry

Just like any other manufacturer, the defense industry makes and ships goods that need to move through supply chains to arrive at their destinations. ERP software systems play a large part in the efficiency of the process by tracking, managing, and handling multiple facets of distribution. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, and refers to computer programs that assist in businesses’ process flow, including internal and external communications and functions.

Defense Industry

The defense industry is a global one that deals with military technology, weaponry, and equipment. Some of the sectors within this industry include manufacturers who produce products for the aerospace, small arms, land-based weaponry, cyber-security, and vessels industries. The aerospace industry creates products such as missiles, satellites, and fighter-jets parts. Small arms and land-based weaponry industry manufacture firearms, handguns, tanks, and personnel carriers. In the cyber-security sector, products manufactured relate to computer security.

Distribution Software

In order to move defense products to their destinations, ERP software solutions provide a number of capabilities to get the job done. For example, these programs manage orders, pricing, quoting, estimating, kitting, assembly, and purchase orders. The applications can track serial numbers, warranties, pick methods, and trace lots, plus support contract manufacturers in project control, online configuration, and make-to-order items.

Warehouse and Other Assistance

ERP Software also supports the defense industry by streamlining operations in its warehouses. Applications can incorporate wireless warehousing and barcoding to enhance efficiency. The software can also assist in overseeing finances, inventory, procurement, and transportation of equipment and products. In addition to warehousing support, the programs can oversee engineering change orders, quality control, project accounting, and material-requirement plans.

The defense industry must be efficiently run in order to get weapons, armor, vehicle parts, and related products from the defense manufacturers to the customers around the world. ERP software programs add efficiency and reliability to the distribution process for all concerned.

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