Lightest Emulator to Download WhatsApp On PC

Since the past two decades, technology has evolved to a whole new level. Right now, developers are more focused on games and social media platforms. Let us discuss the social media platforms. Lately, we have seen technology has successfully brought people together, all because of social media platforms.

Further, it also has encouraged us to interact with new people. WhatsApp is one of those platforms that has been the most successful and famous. Furthermore, WhatsApp was released 12 years from now, in May 2009, by the WhatsApp Cooperation, later on, acquired by Facebook. During this period, billions of people have already joined this platform for various reasons.

Talking about the stats, WhatsApp has more than 5 billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone and has a 4.2-star rating. Without a doubt, this application is an Editors’ Choice, which is understandable after seeing the platform’s popularity. WhatsApp can share different means of data, for instance, pictures, videos, documents, your current location, and much more. Due to all of these reasons, WhatsApp is also used for running businesses.

Moving forward, the privacy policy of this platform is to another level. WhatsApp assures you end-to-end encryption of your chats, which means the developers themselves cannot read your conversations. This claim gained many other people who weren’t using WhatsApp for discussions and other things.

With the upcoming updates, WhatsApp is improving a lot. You can also make both audio and video calls to the one you are trying to contact, which is too for free of cost. The only thing you should have is an internet connection, and you are good to go. You can also make groups of up to 255 people and chat with them at the same time.

Moreover, WhatsApp also features group calling, which is now limited to 5 persons, but this limit will inevitably exceed with the upcoming updates.

Why Choose LDPlayer Rather Than Other Emulators Or Using WhatsApp Web?

First of all, let us discuss why using Emulator is better than using WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp web is a website, or a web version of WhatsApp created for users that desire to use WhatsApp on their PCs. The developers’ great initiative, but still, WhatsApp web is very slow in terms of usage. Sending a standard text message can sometimes take more than ten seconds to deliver. With this speed, you can face an unwanted communication gap, which will eventually lead to an end to your conversation.

Secondly, to use WhatsApp web, your phone should be connected to the same network as your PC. What will you do if you desire to use WhatsApp, but your phone is not nearby? Thirdly there are often disconnecting issues the users face, and then you have to reconnect to WhatsApp by refreshing your connection.

Furthermore, you can easily eradicate all of these issues just by installing LDPlayer Emulator on your PC. LDPlayer is a free android emulator and is capable of running high-performance applications on your system without any hustle. The only thing you need to do is download the Emulator, which is free of cost, then you have to install the WhatsApp into the Emulator through the store. Lastly, log into your account and use WhatsApp with all the same features available for you on the mobile version.

You need not keep your phone nearby as WhatsApp on the Emulator is not an extension of the WhatsApp web application. Instead, it is the application itself. Like this, you can use WhatsApp on PC at the same pace when you were using it on your mobile phone.

How To Download WhatsApp on PC?

You have to follow these steps to download the latest version of WhatsApp on PC:

• First of all, download and Install the LDPlayer Emulator from the official website.

• Then, create a Gmail account or log in through your old Gmail account.

• Once done with that, search for WhatsApp on the Google Play Store.

• After searching, you have to download WhatsApp, and you are ready to use it on your PC.

Moreover, you can download an APK file of WhatsApp and dragging it to the LDPlayer’s window. Interestingly, LDPlayer also supports the mod versions of WhatsApp. Hence if you want to download those versions and enjoy some extra perks, you are more than welcome.


After going through the comparison stated above, most users would inevitably not want to use the WhatsApp web. This is not because it does not work correctly. It does; It is slower than using WhatsApp on the LDPlayer Emulator.

Moreover, with an exciting feature of APK installation, you can download the MOD APK versions to enjoy some extra perks. Lastly, backing up your data will be way lot convenient and safe if you are using the Emulator, as the large backups can easily fit into your large-sized hard-drives of your PC.

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