Windows 10 Preview Build Now Link Your Android Phone to Your PC. A few months back, they all talked about PCs and smartphones working together. The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for Android and PCs. The company’s latest Build 16251 for “Fast ring” users bring features that enable linking your Android phone to your PC. Microsoft revealed a brand new feature Pick up Where I Left off (PWILO) that Microsoft apps will support out-of-the-box.

July 26, Microsoft is introducing cross-device web browsing, especially for Android user, but unfortunately iPhone users didn’t get yet. Microsoft introduced a number of features at Build 2017 that are aimed at link together PCs and phones, including a cloud copy feature. First step toward making Windows 10 work even more closely with smartphones. And windows 10 Insider Preview users, the new feature starts out with a new Settings option simply go to Settings -> Phone and link your phone, that allows users to link an Android device so that web sessions from the phone are continued on the PC, After Android phone to be linked, users will receive an SMS from Microsoft, in SMS there is link of install a test app called Microsoft Apps. Number of other ways to make using Windows 10 with any smartphone we get a better experience.

After the phone is linked, the use can browse the web system via smartphone. if you want to view the PC when user at the website, simply tap on the “continue on PC” option to invoke the native sharing experience, or select that, and an option to “Continue now” or “Continue later” will be available, If you select “Continue now,” then the website will immediately open on the PC. Once invoked, it will first ask users to sign in with their Microsoft account. The company says that users should have to use the same Microsoft account they are using on their PCs. Next it will ask users if they want to “continue now” or “continue later”.

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana

Apart from link feature, Microsoft’s next is Web search results right in Cortana. Cortana gets some attention in Microsoft’s Build 16251. To begin with, Cortana will now show search results directly in interface no need to launch a web browser. That will give faster and easier access to search results. If Cortana doesn’t have a fast answer for your question, the windows won’t automatically expand. Microsoft has enabled Cortana voice commands to perform without need to touch the PC. Cortana can perform lock, sign-out, shutdown, or turn off the PC, but cannot use when system is shut sown. Users will need to use voice command, “Hey Cortana, restart PC” for restarting, and “Hey Cortana, turn off PC”. Some commands, such as shutting off the PC, will require voice confirmation for confirm the user voice. In addition, users need to make sure to enable Cortana on the lock screen for all of the functionality to work, and it’s only available in English.

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