New WhatsApp features that you must check out

With over one billion users, WhatsApp isn’t any doubt the foremost wide used messaging platform round the globe. The Facebook closely-held messaging application is that the first app a smartphone user installs on his/her telephone set and keep hooked to that throughout the day to stay in touch with family and friends.

The platform has recently got variety of new options that more enhances its everyday usage and makes it a must app for each smart phone user. That said, here we’ve got rounded up all the new options of the favoured platform that you just should understand to be a messaging pro. Here you go.

End-To-End Encryption

Thanks to the recent Apple-FBI feud, WhatsApp conjointly jumped into the encryption pool and introduced the end-to-end encryption to secure the privacy of its one billion users. With the new feature currently in action, your activity on WhatsApp, whether or not it’s easy text messages, voice calls or the photos or videos that you just send are absolutely secured from third-party sources and even from the WhatsApp team.


Low Data Usage

Most people are continuously active on WhatsApp and have the habit to form voice calls, transfer pictures, videos and audio files from our chats, that amounts to serious monthly bills. With low data usage turned on, you’ll cut down on the value of your knowledge usage and still you create voice calls or send/receive the media files from your contacts. The feature are often accessed in the Data usage option in the WhatsApp settings menu.

No More Subscription Fee

Earlier, WhatsApp used to charge a minimal fee on annual basis however currently it’s declared that with new update, users can never be asked to pay to use WhatsApp’s services on all versions of the app. This announcement was created on their official blog in January 2016.

Mark Messages As Read Or Unread

You can mark your chats as read or unread in WhatsApp without even gap the conversation. Merely long press the chat and choose ‘Mark as read/unread’ from the pop-up menu to avoid wasting yourself from an argument.

Use Google Now to Send WhatsApp Messages

Do you grasp that you just will raise Google currently to send a WhatsApp message to any of your contact? Simply say “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message. If you add the contact name to your voice command, then you’ll be prompted to dictate the message you wish to send to the contact. Otherwise, you’ll conjointly select the contact name from the Google currently menu and kind the message manually.

The feature works on Android smartphones for now.

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