PROVEN METHODS TO FIX THE [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] ERROR IN OUTLOOK

Besides the mighty Gmail, Microsoft Outlook is among the best applications to send emails to anybody we want. Provided that you are using MS outlook for some time, chances are that you have faced the [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error problem. Don’t worry; you are not the sole sufferer. Many Outlook users have faced this same pesky issue. In fact, this error is among the most frequent issues Outlook users face. Let’s see how you can solve this issue with ease.


How to fix this pii email error?

Before we jump right into that topic, you got to know what exactly we’re dealing with here.
What does this particular pii email error signify?

The “pii” of this error means “personal data.” This data is crucial for a machine to identify a user. This particular pii email error here appears mainly on the user screen. And, what’s the reason? Well, it mostly happens because of some files that are set up wrongly. Or, maybe because of the presence of some corrupt docs within the installation files.

This error signifies an argument that occurs so quickly that the PC is unable to process properly. This makes the computer work wrong. However, there is no need for you to worry. We’ve got your back. Below are some simple solutions to this pesky problem.

Some effective methods to fix this pii email error issue

This pii email error mainly appears while the users are trying to send or receive emails. As we said earlier, this error happens as a result of two main reasons. First, improperly configured files. And, the second, corrupt documents inside the installation files. Let us see the solutions one by one.

  1. First, you got to check if the antivirus installed on your computer is blocking some features of MS Outlook. If it is, Outlook would not be able to function properly. So, make some changes and allow free access to Outlook. If that fails to fix your issue, try disabling your antivirus program and see if it works. If that too fails, follow the below method.
  2. Another thing you may do to solve the pii email issue is to check your email section. Unknown or suspicious files could end up hampering Outlook’s working ability. So, if you find any files in your mailbox, delete them ASAP. You may also get rid of all the outgoing messages from your Outbox.
  3. Lastly, try running your MS Outlook app in safe mode. Now, how can you run your Outlook app in safe mode? Well, it’s quite easy. Just hold the CTRL key and click ‘Yes’ when the pop-up window appears. Then, type outlook.exe/safe in the dialog box. After doing so, your Outlook would go into safe mode. Now, you can easily check whether the email sending/receiving feature is working fine or not.

Following the above tips should fix your problem. If it doesn’t, the problem may be with your PST file. Let’s see what a PST file is and how you can repair it.

What is a PST file?

PST means Personal Storage Table. In the world of PC, PST is an exclusive file format made by Microsoft. This file helps to store copies of messages. Also, it stores calendar events and many more. All these items are stored inside their various software platforms. These include MS Exchange Client and MS Outlook among others.

This PST file format is also known as a Personal Folder. It may also be called an Offline Storage Table or an Offline Folder. It is called so when the file works as a cache in Outlook’s cached exchange mode facility. MS Exchange Server helps store all types of items on the server. MS Outlook, however, keeps them on the user’s local computer. Mostly, these PST files help store archived things, while the OST files ensure that these files remain accessible offline.

PST security and data integrity

One of the biggest benefits of .pst files is that you can port them anywhere with ease. You can transfer your PST files from one Outlook client to another even if you are not an IT expert. While it’s true that PST files are very mobile, they also pose some serious security risks while utilized:

  • First, Microsoft didn’t design PST files to work as multi-GB email archives. Thus, as a consequence, data loss and PST corruption tend to happen often.
  • If you close a PST file without knowing, your PC crashes or the power goes off – it means trouble. If such a thing occurs, it will cause your PST files to disconnect themselves from your Outlook profile. What happens then is that it usually remains unnoticed and finally, gets lost. This, in turn, creates a stray PST file that the user can’t see but contains important info worthy of saving.
  • PST files are often known to hold emails that were never archived right. Conflicts like restricted access or dislocation cause them to fail to go through a proper retention process. They also fail to place themselves for removal or classification systems. In case you didn’t know, such issues can become legal issues where you need to produce your email as evidence.
  • PST files are capable of being protected with passwords. However, the protection is mostly surface level. Why? Because a simple Google search is all it takes to crack them. There are plenty of tools available online that can help in this regard. Such a thing places your data at high risk.
  • PST files are often a preference of hackers. Why? Because they contain both a user’s archived and deleted emails. All of them. The most efficient method to keep your PST files secure is to opt for encryption.

Nonetheless, the native PST encryption is not enough to keep such hackers at bay, especially for companies.

Simple methods of repairing a PST file to fix this pii email error

As we said above, if the methods we told you about earlier don’t work, repair the PST file. If the PST file is corrupt, problems like these tend to occur. We have already discussed PST files enough. So, let’s now take a look at some simple yet effective ways to repair these files:

Reinstall the MS Outlook app

The Outlook app you’re using could be old or defective. Thus, it can give rise to many problems in your MS Outlook profile and its docs. The pii email error is one of them.

Another reason behind such issues may be the absence of the registry or vital files from the docs. Such an absence could lead to creating an aperture and corrupt your .pst files.

Hence, you may try uninstalling and installing your MS Output app again. Find the latest version of the application and install it. Doing so can automatically repair all the broken and corrupt files.

Try contacting the support team of Microsoft

Microsoft is famous for its awesome and world-class customer service. In case your Outlook app fails to work properly, you may have to contact their customer support team. Tell them about your pii email error issue, and they might provide you with a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the meaning of pii in the pii email error?

PII means your personal data. It is the data through which your machine identifies you. Your PII includes your name, bank account details, and so on.

What is the reason behind the pii email error?

This error may occur due to many reasons. Maybe you’re using an outdated Outlook app. Or, maybe the antivirus software is blocking some of the functionality of your Outlook app. Also, your .pst files might be corrupt or damaged. The list is extensive. So, you got to ensure the following of all the methods mentioned here one by one. Because most of the time, you might not be able to identify the main reason behind the error.

What are the data encryption options offered by Microsoft for PST files?

Microsoft offers mainly three options to encrypt the PST files. First, it makes sure that no PST data is kept as a plain .txt file. Secondly, Microsoft gives us a clue about the capability of compression. How? Well, it does so by suggesting that the PST data gets encrypted via a sub-byte cryptographic key. Lastly, Microsoft also utilizes High and claims that it is akin to the German Enigma Machines of World War II. Having the knowledge of these encryption tactics is necessary for understanding the Outlook email error.


Now that you what the [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error is and how to solve it easily, put your knowledge to the test. Just follow the methods mentioned here one after another and see what works. If the first bunch of solutions fails to work, try the PST repairing methods to efficiently tackle the problem. Good luck!

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