Converting MOV Files to MP4 Files with the Help of Movavi Video Converter

Converting video is nowhere near as complicated as having to edit videos, and still, many editing software struggle with something as simple as converting MOV files to MP4 files. Thanks to Movavi Video Converter users now able to convert videos with relative ease. The following lines are going to show you just how it can be done.

MOV is one of the leading video formats that are used and is the format that was developed by Apple as the standard format for playing videos on Mac computers, as part of the QuickTime File Format. The only problem for those who edit videos on Macs and therefore, use the MOV file format is that it cannot play on devices that are powered with Android. It’s no secret that a good MOV to MP4 converter is hard to find.

The easiest way out of this problem for those who want to watch the videos they have edited on Android devices is to find a way to convert their videos from the MOV file format to the MP4 file format. This is where Movavi Video Converter comes in.

Installing the Application

Before you begin to convert files in Movavi Video Converter, you will have to install the program on your PC. All you have to do is follow the instructions and the software will install itself in a matter of minutes.

Opening Files to Convert

To begin, you can click on the ‘Add Media’ button that’s located on the upper left corner of the panel and selection on the ‘Add Video’ option to choose the MOV file you want to convert.

Edit the Video

Movavi Vide Converter gives you one last chance to edit the video before converting it. Click on the ‘Edit’ button and make a few quick changes to the video or proceed to the next option.

Compress Files before Conversion

With Movavi Video Converter, users can compress large MOV files that are over 100MB before they convert the files to the MP4 format.

Convert the File

To start the conversion all you have to do is choose the output format from a list and click ‘Start’ to begin converting.

Movavi Video Converter is an easy and efficient way of converting MOV files to MP4 files without losing any video or audio quality. Since the Movavi Video Converter supports up to 180 file formats along with 200 mobile devices, including Apple devices, Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and many more, it is easily the best option for professional and novice editors who are looking for a fast an efficient video converter that offers hassle-free file conversion.

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