A Simple And Comprehensive JavaScript Overview

What is JavaScript?

This is a dynamic programmed language used in computers. It is mostly used in web pages which allow client-user interaction. It can be referred to as a computer programming language interpreted with various object-oriented capabilities.

JavaScript was implemented in 1995. Initially, it was known as LiveScript, but later Netscape changed the name to JavaScript. It is mostly used in internet explorer, Netscape, and other browsers. The main purpose of JavaScript is to give the user a better experience. It achieves this by manipulates various objects in the HTML document. Both the HTML and the objects work collectively to form a Document Object Model (DOM); Hyper HTML Vs VDOM .

Client-Side JavaScript

This is the main form of the language. In JavaScript, the domain name should be referenced or included by HTML document for easy interpretation in the browser. The web page should not be static but can include the programs that interact perfectly well with the particular browser in use.
The client-side JavaScript mechanism is more beneficial than the traditional CGI scripts. For instance, unlike when using the conventional server side, you can easily confirm if the email is valid or not. Usually, the JavaScript code is only executed and submitted to the server just if the details in the form submitted are accurate.

Benefits Of JavaScript

  • Less server interaction- JavaScript allows you to easily validate your input before submitting it to the web server. This saves you the server traffic; hence get a less load on your web server.
  • Immediate feedback- visitors don’t have to spend time waiting for the page to load and reload even when they have forgotten something. This facilitates a quick response.
  • Increased interactivity-JavaScript allows you to create quick interfaces. These interfaces react accordingly whether you use a keyboard or a mouse.
  • Richer interfaces- if you don’t have the drag and drop sliders and components in your web use JavaScript to include them. This will make your interface more productive for your visitors.

JavaScript Development Tools

JavaScript does not require costly development tools. Actually, you can begin with a simple and straightforward editor like notepad. Also, there is no need for a compiler since JavaScript is an independent interpreted language. To make your work more comfortable, you can use some of these editing tools:

  • Microsoft FrontPage- FrontPage is a popular HTML editor developed by Microsoft. It gives the web developers various JavaScript tools to help them in creating interactive websites.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX-this a commonly used JavaScript and HTML editor used by the professional web developers. It provides handy JavaScript’s components, conforms well to both XML and HTML standards and integrates the elements efficiently.
  • Macromedia home site 5 – It is a well-liked JavaScript and HTML editor.

JavaScript Features

JavaScript technology is based on the client side; hence it’s mainly used by the client for validation purposes. It has these features:

  • It gives the user more control of the web browser
  • It handles time and dates
  • It detects both the users OS and browser
  • Lightweight in nature
  • JavaScript is not Java; it is merely a scripting language
  • It is case sensitive
  • All JavaScript’s statements must end with a semicolon (;)
  • Has predefined objects
  • Syntax statements are similar to the syntax of control statements; and are therefore written in C language
  • JavaScript can create new functions in the script. A function keyword is consequently used to declare a function

 Why Do I Need JavaScript?

Basically, JavaScript is suitable for everyone involved in any web development activities. If you appreciate designing or even creating content interactions, you need JavaScript to make your work more efficient. Both the front end and back end developers can use it daily. It interacts well with the DOM in creating, deleting and modifying the page elements. You can also apply to load and unload media.

Several revisions have been made on this web-based language, and it’s, therefore, essential to get JavaScript training to get more information. The horizon has a newly implemented version, which means that the developers will get more information and even explore more.

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