pii_email_123dd92c65546aac4234: Microsoft Outlook Error and Fixes

Microsoft Outlook is an awesome app for sending and receiving emails. In fact, besides Gmail, it is among the leading email apps out there. If you have been using this app for some time, you might have struggled with the annoying [pii_email_123dd92c65546aac4234] error. Don’t worry. There are many Outlook users like you suffering from the same problem. It’s a known fact that this error is a common error within the Outlook user circle. Let us discuss some of the best ways to solve this issue.

Best ways to fix the pii email error

Before we start giving you tips on how to resolve your problem, you must know what the problem is.

What is meant by PII?

PII is short for Personal Identifiable Information. As you may understand, it is a special type of data that allows a machine to identify a user. This includes everything from your location info to your bank account details.

Keeping your PII a secret is crucial. Doing so helps you ensure the integrity of your ID. Let’s face it. There are frauds everywhere. If they get their dirty hands on your personal info – even if it is only a bit – it means trouble. These guys can create fake accounts using your name and start getting money from others. They can also make false passports and end up selling your ID to some criminal.

Today, we’re living in a world where our personal info is being stored and tracked on a daily basis. Our biometrics has become an easily available commodity. Thus, it has become more important than ever to protect your PII.

Your PII covers a large amount of info that can identify a user. Here is a list of info that you can count as Personal Identifiable Information. These include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Address
  3. Email ID
  4. Phone number
  5. Driver’s license number
  6. Passport number
  7. Social security number
  8. DOB
  9. Net banking details

Now, you must remember that this is not a full list. And, there is a huge number of other information that can be considered PII as well. Any info that crawls its way back to you is your PII. You catch our drift, right?

Why does keeping your PII safe matter?

As we said earlier, one has to keep their PII safe and secure. Because this type of info is very sensitive. Once in the hands of a fraudster, it can be used for ID stealing.

According to what a fraudster is trying to achieve, they got to have different kinds of info. While opening some accounts needs only an email ID, some others need many other relevant things like name, DOB, etc.
Now, all kinds of accounts can easily be opened using only a phone and the internet today. So, the fraud won’t have to go to an office anymore. Therefore, keeping your PII safe should be the topmost priority to prevent ID theft.

Why does this particular pii email error occur?

There are many reasons behind this pii email problem. Here is a list of some of the causes of this issue:

  • Installing Outlook the right way is very vital. If the installing was not done right, chances are you will encounter this problem. Also, it sometimes happens that people fail to upload Outlook or Windows correctly. Thus, they face this pii email problem every time they try to open their Outlook app.
  • Sometimes people tend to have multiple MS Outlook accounts. It is another big reason behind this issue. In case you are trying to sign in to your Outlook app from a different profile, you’d get this error.
  • Another cause of the pii email error is using another email app besides MS Outlook. Doing so makes the two apps collide and hamper each other’s tasks. So, if you have two or more distinct email apps on your PC, you’d get this error code.
  • Also, if your Outlook version is broken, you might get this error code. It can happen if your new MS Outlook version isn’t compatible with the existing version as well.
  • If you have tons of cookies or a huge amount of cache, you may get this pii email error code.
  • The error could also occur if your PC is infected with some virus or malware.

Top methods to solve the pii email error issue

No matter what the reason is, you can apply these methods to resolve your problem. Identifying exactly what is the root cause of this issue could be a difficult task. So, if you are unsure of what exactly caused your misery, try all of them one after another. And, see what works.

Try to sign in from the same profile each time

As we said earlier, one of the big reasons behind this problem is signing in from multiple profiles. So, to prevent this from happening, try to curb the practice of logging in from multiple Outlook profiles. Instead, always login to your Outlook app using the same profile. Doing so can help you get rid of this pesky error.

Clear all cache and cookies

Getting rid of all the cache and cookies stored in your browser is a great way to fix this error. In fact, it is among the easiest methods to fix the pii email error. Just remove all your cache and cookies, and your problem should be resolved. However, you got to pay a price. In the process, you will lose all your saved passwords and data. So, it is best to keep them copied somewhere else before performing the procedure.

Utilize the troubleshooting center

On every PC, there happens to be a troubleshooting center. Such a feature helps solve many of the problems. If the previous methods failed to solve your problem, you can consider taking help from the troubleshooting center. The center will discover any faults that might be present in your system and auto-fix them.

Upload your MS Outlook again

If the methods mentioned above don’t work, try uploading your MS Outlook again. Sometimes not installing the Outlook app properly causes this issue. Also, it can sometimes happen due to technical glitches. In such cases, first, uninstall your Outlook app. then, reinstall the application right. Doing so should solve your problem. If the root of the error is hidden in the Outlook app itself, it would fix the fault.

Upgrade your MS Outlook app

Most Microsoft apps, including MS Outlook, get auto-updates. But it could happen that your system may not support automatic updates. In such cases, a backdated Outlook app could display the pii email error. If your MS Outlook is not of the corrupt or latest version, your Outlook app could show this problem. Therefore, updating or upgrading your Outlook app could help resolve your problem.

Utilize the automatic error control technique

You can take the assistance of the automatic error control tools to resolve your issue. These tools will help you solve your problem with ease. That too, without any manual effort. You may try downloading these tools and utilize them for removing the cause that’s causing the trouble.

Try disabling all your Outlook extensions

There are many extensions available to download on MS Outlook. If you have these extensions in your app, chances are that they might be blocking some of its functions. So, if there are such extensions in your Outlook app, you got to disable all of them. Doing so might solve this irritating issue.

Contact the Microsoft support team

If nothing else works and solves your issue, it is best to contact the support team of Microsoft. The support team of Microsoft is known for providing customers with amazing support. Tell them what your problem is in detail, and they will try to solve your issue ASAP.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the pii email error signify?

PII means Personal Identifiable Information. This data is vital to make a PC recognize a user. This specific error signifies that some argument is occurring so fast that the machine is unable to process it properly. This hampers the machine’s ability to work right.

What are the reasons behind the pii email error?

This error can happen because of plethora of reasons. From sign-in attempt from various profiles to improper installation of the Outlook app – the list is huge. We have already mentioned many of those reasons in our article already. Refer to it for more.

Is Outlook more secure than Gmail?

That’s a tough question. Both Outlook and Gmail are excellent email apps. But if we’re talking about security, Outlook is a bit better. This is due to the fact that Outlook users can protect their files with passwords and encrypt emails. Gmail, on the other hand, lacks such a facility.


The simple methods mentioned here should help you solve your [pii_email_123dd92c65546aac4234] issue with ease. Try them all and see what solves your problem. Good luck!

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