Safe Rom Sites: 10 Best Sites to Download Roms

If you are a console gamer, you may know how significant ROMs are in this world. Be it Nintendo DS, PlayStation, or some other consoles, playing games in them require ROMs. You can even download ROMs on your mobile and use an emulator to play these games. And, the best part? Most of these ROMs available out there are free. That means you can play your favorite video games on your console or smartphone without spending a penny. While there are a plethora of ROM downloading sites today, not all of them are safe. Downloading ROMs from such sites could end up infecting your device with viruses or malware. That’s why we decided to give you a list of some of the safe ROM sites. Let’s check them out.

Safe ROM sites 2021

ROM Hustler

The first on the list of safe ROM sites is Rom Hustler. It’s a well-known fact that Rom Hustler is one of the most secure ROM sites out there. Also, its UI is pretty simplistic. In order to find your favorite game, just enter your console and game name. You may also perform a search using related keywords and your game would be right there.

It is among the oldest ROM sites to ever exist and is known for providing virus-free ROMs. The website boasts a huge library of game titles. These include both classic and modern ones. Plus, the site is quite rich in positive customer reviews. So, if you’re looking for something safe and reliable, ROM Hustler should be your place the go.


Next, we have Retrostic. If you are a fan of retro gaming, this website would be your paradise. Retrostic contains a plethora of retro game titles that can take you back to your childhood years. The website is known for offering visitors a direct downloading facility for all its files, free from viruses and malware.

Just pick your desired console from the list and search for your favorite game. It contains tons of old, classic games. In case you didn’t know, this website can also act as an emulator. So, that’s a double benefit.

Safe ROM sitesGamulator

Here we have another site that is one of the best safe ROM sites ever – Gamulator. This website is an ideal choice for new generation ROMs and contains a huge list of games. And, the best thing about it? The list of games on the website gets frequent updates, keeping the list extensive and fresh. Name any game you want. Gamulator has got you covered.

The Gamulator website is very convenient and easy to navigate through. Therefore, you can search for any game your heart desires with ease. Also, the site is known for keeping annoying ads and pop-ups at bay. So, that’s a plus.


ROMsmania is another great site for downloading ROM files for consoles and smartphones. It is known for its extensive list of ROMs available to download. All files you will get from here are free from viruses and malware. This makes the website one of the best safe ROM sites today. Also, its user interface is pretty intuitive. So, the visitors can download any games they desire from the website even if they lack advanced tech knowledge. Just go to its search bar and type your desired game name. It will appear in a few seconds.

Besides all these, ROMsmania is considered a secure website in most countries. So, no matter where you are, you can utilize the website for playing your favorite games with ease.

Cool ROM

One of the best safe ROM sites you could check out this year is Cool ROM. It is a great choice for those who want to play their favorite console games with ease. Just search by your game title, and you will find your file in seconds.

As you can see from its name, Cool ROM employs a cool functionality and lets you download tons of ROMs. The game titles include various genres of games like action, adventure, etc. Also, it makes everything all the more convenient by providing screenshots from all the available games. Doing so helps users to decide whether to download a game or not. Plus, it restricts itself from showing irrelevant ads on your screen. This makes sure that you have an excellent experience on the website.


EagleForces is a Korean website for downloading free ROMs. Also, it is one of the most reputed safe ROM sites in this regard. This is the reason behind its being very high in traffic. If you are worried about downloading ROMs from shady websites and infecting your device, EagleForces can be your lifesaver. The website lets you download and play thousands of free games.

All of the games indexed on the site are free to download. And, trust us when we tell you that the list is huge. Plus, it offers a decent enough download speed as well. So, EagleForces can easily compete with any other websites mentioned in this list.


Another great addition to our list could be Emulator.Games. Like other sites in this list, it has a huge library of ROMs for one to download. All games here are completely safe and free from malicious elements. No matter you are playing on a console or an emulator, you can download and start playing your favorite games.

Perhaps the best feature of this website is the ability it gives its users to these games online too. This feature is a big reason behind its being one of the best and most popular safe ROM sites ever.

Safe ROM sitesRomsmode

Romsmode is one of the newer entries in the world of safe ROM sites. However, within a small period, it has become a reputed first choice for many console gamers. The website is known for hosting a plethora of amazing games. From classics to modern games, Romsmode has it all. Besides having console ROMs, the website contains a separate section for downloading various emulators as well. Sounds convenient, right?

Plus, the interface of the website is pretty simple and easy to use as well. So, you can easily find your favorite games and have a great gaming experience, without even being a tech expert.


Another must-say name in the list of safe ROM sites is ClassicGameRoms. If you dislike cluttery sites that only make things harder to find, this site is for you. Plus, if you are a fan of classic games, as the name suggests, ClassicGameRoms could be your treasure trove. The website contains a large number of classic console game titles.

No matter you are on Atari, PlayStation, or an emulator, this website is perfect for quenching your classic game thirst. The website also lets you download emulators to play these classics on your smartphone or PC.

Safe ROM sitesRomulation

If you are a sucker for classic video games, Romulation is the place to be. This is among those ROM sites that contain some of the best classic games ever. The website is a hub for anyone looking for classics since 2014. However, you need to register yourself on the site before you can start downloading ROMs. The sign-up process only takes about a minute. No matter what your console model is, Romulation would have something for you.

The homepage of the site contains both older and newer game titles. The total number of game ROMs available here is over 28000. Plus, the website is very simplistic in layout and lets you search for your desired ROMs without any hassle. No doubt, Romulation is one of the best safe ROM sites today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best safe ROM sites to download console games?

There are many ROM sites available out there. But not all of them are safe. Our list contains some of the best ROM sites from where you can download your favorite game titles. That too, without worrying about infecting your device by accident.

Are safe ROM sites really safe?

Perform a Google search right now and you will find millions of ROM sites. The funny thing is, almost all ROM sites today claim to be safe. But, in reality, some of them are fakes and contain malicious elements that could damage your device. So, be wise and download your desired ROMs from the websites above and you’d be fine.

Is downloading emulators from safe ROM sites legal?

Many ROM sites contain a list of emulators you can download to play console games on your PC or mobile. Downloading these emulators is perfectly legal and shouldn’t be an issue.


Here, we gave you a list of some amazing safe ROM sites. All of these sites are great and offer great collections of virus and malware-free console ROMs. Try them one by one and see what suits your specific needs.

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