We all love to watch movies. Gone are the days when going to the cinema hall was the only option for watching cinemas. Nowadays, online movies have become the new norm. People love to watch online movies. They are more convenient and flexible. But, they help viewers ditch the unnecessary transport cost. We mean, who doesn’t love to have the choice of watching their favorite movies in their own free time? Paid streaming sites like Amazon Prime or Netflix are great choices to pick. However, new sites offering free content are coming up. Among those sites, UWatchFree is a popular name with a strong fanbase. But is it safe? Let’s find out.

What is UWatchFree?

As its name suggests, it is a free online movie streaming/downloading website. The website is notorious for leaking newly released movies and web series and allowing users to watch them for free. The website has been operating for over 8 years now. The first movie ever uploaded on the site was Tere Naam. As we can know from whois.com, the website is based in Pakistan. Upon entering the site, a user will get access to so much content that they are bound to be overwhelmed. Here, one can find movies from multiple languages, including English, Hindi, and Bengali. For those, who hate to watch movies of poor video quality, the website offers HD content as well. As a result of copyright issues, the website is banned in India.

The concept behind UWatchFree’s inception

The website came into being to offer people access to a large library of movies, web series, etc., for free. So by its very motive, it becomes controversial. The site lets users their favorite content without paying the creators even a paisa for their hard work. However, such a thing could hardly matter to average viewers. If it did, UWatchFree movies should have been a lot less popular. But instead, its popularity has only increased.

The platform mainly offers HD movies. But the video quality may vary between 360p to 720p as well. From the very beginning, the website strives to provide its users with the best quality print possible.

The legal status of UWatchFree

Online movie watching could be a great experience. But streaming or downloading them from suspicious sites like this one could be harmful. It could put you at risk of a cyber-attack. You may freely watch movies on legal websites like Hulu, Netflix, etc. But think twice before watching them on illegal websites.

One should avoid using such websites completely if possible. Why? Because making a film is no cakewalk. It involves the hard work of every responsible party. From the director to the spot boy – all work hard to make a film what it is. So, they should earn revenue for their creation. Streaming or downloading films from free websites deprive them of their rightful revenue. Thus, it is viewed as a crime and can even land you in prison. The GOI has declared UWatchFree an illegal website and banned it in the country. Hence, it’s best to stay away from this website.

Platform features

The site is illegal. No question about it. But it also provides some great features. No wonder why it has been able to gather so much reputation. Here are those features:

1. The site lets users watch HD movies at absolutely no cost.

2. The website offers a user-friendly and simplistic UI.

3. It incorporates a search button that the movie buffs can utilize to find their movies or web series with ease.

4. The platform is generous enough to allow its users to request movies that are presently absent from the site.

5. One could search for movie titles based on their release year.

6. No matter what your favorite genre is, the site has it all. Action? Romance? Sci-Fi? Mystery? Thriller? Just give it a search.

7. Let’s face it. An ad popping up out of nowhere while watching our favorite movie is annoying. Luckily, the platform takes care of that and makes the entire website ad-free.

What about safety?

As we already said, the Government of India has declared the website illegal and banned it right away. Thus, watching any content from this platform is illegal as well. It is a known fact that the Indian film industry is among the largest in the entire world. New movies get released almost every week here. And, that includes Hindi and many other regional language movies. Watching these movies on illegal torrent sites is against the law and makes the film industry lose its deserving revenue.

Needless to say, it is harming the livelihood of all the persons involved with the said industry. It is wrong, even from the ethical viewpoint. Plus, such free sites get frequently exposed to cyber-attacks. So, they’re not safe. Therefore, it’s best to avoid these websites and opt for safer legal alternatives. Why take the risk?



What genres of movies does UWatchFree contain?

The website contains movies from tons of different genres. The platform boasts a huge collection of HD movies from Action, Horror, Romance, and many other categories. In short, the website has everything you could ever ask for.

How often does the website release new films?

The platform is known for uploading new movies right after their hall release. Movies from all corners of the world become obtainable on the site after one/two days since their first opening.

What are the cons of using the UWatchFree site?

The cons of using the platform include lack of safety, potential hacking attacks, and so on. Also, the site is illegal in India. So using the website could even lead to your prosecution.


To conclude, while UWatchFree offers its users movies to watch for free and has some good features, it is unsafe. Using the website means giving way to hacking attacks. Plus, the website is banned and illegal in India. That means watching movies here is a crime. So we recommend that you stay away from this website and watch your favorite films on safe, legal platforms.


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