Quip Electric Toothbrush – What is it, And Why Should you Care?

Brushing every day is an essential activity. Every individual should brush their teeth at least twice daily. It helps us maintain our oral hygiene and keeps our mouth healthy. As a result, toothbrushes occupy an important place in our lives. That’s why we should choose our toothbrush carefully. Presently, we’re living in the advanced era. Similarly, our toothbrushes have also advanced in terms of quality and features. There was a time when we only had traditional toothbrushes. But those days are long gone. Nowadays, we have electric toothbrushes that are not only more advanced but also more effective in cleaning our teeth. Electric brushes have bristles that efficiently remove plaque buildup from your teeth by vibrating or rotating.

Now, you might wonder which electric toothbrush you should buy. Well, that’s a good question. Although there are many electric brushes available in the market, not all of them work the same. Some work great, while others don’t work at all. Quip electric toothbrush is such an electric toothbrush. But how is it? Does it achieve what it claims to do, or is it just another useless piece of equipment? In this article, we will discuss more about it.

What is a Quip electric toothbrush?

As we said, Quip is an electric toothbrush like many other toothbrushes of this kind that run on batteries. But what sets it apart from other electric toothbrushes?  Well, let us take a look. First things first, Quip brushes are very stylish. Their design is what makes them truly unique. These toothbrushes are sleeker than most electric toothbrushes available in the market right now. Quip electric toothbrushes make use of sonic vibrations to make your teeth clean. The brushes also come with an inbuilt 2-minute timer feature. What’s the use of it? Well, it makes the brush pause for a few moments every 30 seconds. This brief pause can be beneficial to you. It reminds you that it’s time for you to move the brush to the other part of your mouth. And the best part? Quip electric toothbrushes come with a subscription. As a part of this subscription, the company sends its customers new replacement heads and toothpaste once every three months.

Are Quip electric toothbrushes affordable?

Now, this is a thing that most of you might wonder while reading this review. As technologically advanced as a Quip is, it is not very costly. In fact, it is, no doubt, affordable. According to the most recent market prices, purchasing a Quip toothbrush will cost you 25 dollars. But that is for the plastic model. In case you didn’t know, Quip mainly comes in two different models – plastic and metal. If you want to get a metal Quip, be prepared to spend 40 dollars. The plastic model comes in blue and green colors. On the other hand, the metal variation comes in silver, copper, gold, and slate colors.

Apart from brushes, you can buy refills at a low cost as well. The price of new brush heads is 5 dollars each. You can also get Quip toothpaste at an affordable price of, well, you guessed it right, another 5 dollars. As we told you before, Quip brushes also come with an annual subscription. If you are buying a Quip electric brush, it would be smart of you to sign up for this subscription. As a part of this subscription, you would receive new brush heads, batteries, and toothpaste every three months. That too only for 10 dollars. Now that sounds convincing, eh?

How does a Quip electric toothbrush work?

The Quip electric toothbrush is not just all show and no go. It effectively removes plaque buildup from your teeth by the use of sonic vibrations. These vibrations help remove plaque. Plus, it prevents bacteria buildup inside your mouth. Remember that your teeth are one of your biggest assets. A perfect smile is among the most desired things on this planet. That’s why a beautiful smile keeps you happy and boosts your confidence. Not only that, but good oral hygiene influences your overall health as well. So you should not take it lightly.

The problem with many electric toothbrushes is that they don’t do what they promise. They only focus on advertising big and not on the quality and performance of the actual product. On the other hand, some other toothbrushes that do work are bland in design. That’s why you will not feel any excitement while brushing your teeth with them. When you get style, you lose performance. And, when you get performance, you lose style. That means you have to sacrifice one for the other. But it is not the case when you buy a Quip electric toothbrush. This awesome toothbrush not only delivers high-quality output but also comes in magnificent designs. So why sacrifice one to get another when you can get both at the same time.

How is the mint toothpaste Quip provides its customers with the toothbrush?

As you may already know, Quip provides a special toothpaste with its toothbrush. The user should make use of both to get the best results. It is much like regular mint toothpaste. However, it is loaded with many anticavity properties. Thus, it protects your teeth from getting cavities and improves your oral health. Plus, it has quite a typical taste and forms foam pretty well. One of its main ingredients is Sodium Monofluorophosphate. It is a compound that helps prevent teeth from decaying. On top of that, the toothbrush contains Fluoride. It is a known fact that Fluoride helps protect the enamel from damage. So one doesn’t have to worry about facing cavity problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Quip electric toothbrush

Before buying a Quip electric toothbrush, you should know about its pros and cons as well. It will help you make the right decision. Let’s take a look:


  • The brush is definitely not a big man. It is compact and slim in size. Thus, it takes less space on your counter than most other toothbrushes. Plus, it is so lightweight that holding it almost feels like holding a feather.
  • The brush is pretty easy to use and does its job of cleaning your teeth effectively. And it is comfortable too. The metal variations of this Quip brush are some of the best-looking toothbrushes you would ever have.
  • The brush also comes with a tongue cleaner at its back. Now that’s a bonus.


  • The Quip brush has a large brush head that might prove to be too large for some peoples’ mouths. Thus, it becomes hard to reach in some of the more cramped areas of our mouth. And the worst thing is that it only comes in one size for adults.
  • When compared to some other brushes of the same kind, its movement is much slower. Therefore, one might need to scrub more with Quip to get the same cleaning as those other electric brushes.


Is Quip a good electric toothbrush?

Yes. Quip electric toothbrush is an excellent buying option if you are considering electric toothbrushes. It helps clear your mouth properly by the use of sonic vibrations. Plus, it comes with replaceable brush heads. So your brush stays in tip-top shape all the time. On top of that, it comes pre-equipped with a 2-minute timer. It reminds you that you have a whole mouth to clean and not just one side. And to say about the design, it is one of the nicest-looking toothbrushes out there. However, more features don’t necessarily mean more money to pay for it. It is incredibly affordable. That’s why it is one of the best electric brushes available in the market.

Is Quip as good as Sonicare?

Well, this is a question most people like to ask. Both electric toothbrushes are good in their own ways. Which one is the better option among them is a matter of preference. however, there are some visible differences. Let’s look at some of them. Quip toothbrush is a cheaper option than Sonicare. Both the Quip and Sonicare toothbrushes make use of vibrations to remove plaque buildup from your teeth. But they move at different speeds. Quip has a motor that creates 15000 strokes/minute, while Sonicare’s motor makes about 62000 strokes/minute. Now that’s a huge difference. Another thing that you should note is that Sonicare has a wide variety of brush heads. On the contrary, Quip offers only one. However, to see as a whole, the Quip electric toothbrush is a decent electric toothbrush.

How much is a Quip electric toothbrush?

As we mentioned earlier in our review, Quip toothbrush is very affordable. It is undoubtedly cheaper when compared to many other electric toothbrushes available in the market. Quip comes in two variations. You only need to spend $25 for the plastic and $40 for the metal variation.

Is Quip toothbrush ADA approved?

Yes. Quip comes with the ADA seal of acceptance.


To conclude, Quip electric toothbrush is a reasonable option to consider if you’re looking for a decent electric toothbrush. It is rich both in style and performance. Plus, it doesn’t cost too much. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Quip toothbrush today.

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