Why Online Design Is Crucial to Your Business Startup

No matter how good your business idea is, you’ll get nowhere if you cannot engage a customer base. You hear about “branding” all the time, but what is it exactly? Perhaps one of the best examples of branding is Nike. People all over the world recognize the athletic wear company by a simple swoosh. Why is this so important and what does it have to do with online design? Keep reading to find out.

People Are Sense-Driven

When people first hopped onto the internet decades earlier, all they saw was a blank screen and text, which is why it was a bit slow to take off at first. Back then, no one knew what ux design jobs were, much less how user experience, which is what UX stands for, would change the face of technology. Well, one person knew: Donald Norman, who is an MIT graduate with a passion for design.

Norman understood that people are driven by their senses, and he pushed the link between a person’s physical experiences with technology. He understood that people are visual, and that sense (along with others) must be tapped into when they go online, grab their handheld device, or even click their television set remote buttons. They want to see things. Enter a swoosh logo to represent a company.

People Are Auditory

As the internet developed, more websites took advantage of graphics and pictures. People loved higher-resolution, colors, and beautiful designs, but this didn’t last. Nowadays, people want video, which taps into their auditory senses. The swoosh has morphed into online videos spread over numerous sharing platforms, so people can hear the athlete competing in his or her Nike garb as well as see him or her.

People Are Bored Easily

Another reason UX design has become so popular in any branding strategy is people get bored more easily than they did years ago. A technology increases the speed in which people can accomplish tasks, be entertained, or socialize, their attention spans have digressed to those of three-year-olds. If a business cannot grab and maintain a visitor online within six seconds, that visitor is gone.

People Are Self-Absorbed

This subhead might sound a little harsh but don’t wince just yet. With a lowered attention span and a record number of online users seeking solutions to all of their problems online, a brand must address what it can do for its customer. People are self-absorbed when they’re searching for a solution. They want to know how you can help their need. Comprehensive UX design helps you explain this.

Back to Nike

You just recovered from a minor heart attack and your doctor put you on an exercise regimen. You searched for the best walking shoes and fell in love with the looks of a pair of Nike walkers. You recognized the swoosh. You learned about them on the company’s website and watched a video of someone walking in them. They’re perfect, and the reviews for the shoes are excellent.

Nike just used your cognitive senses to draw you in and secure the sale. You saw the shoes, heard them in action, and used your brain’s reasoning capabilities to conclude they solved your problem. You see what just happened, right?

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