Google’s Research Team Releases Three New App for Experimental Photography

Yesterday, Google is launching a three new app for photography. This new app was inspired by the victory of Motion photography. In future, Google would release more photography applications built on new technology.

Yesterday, Google is launching three new apps called “appsperimentals” (apps experimental) for smartphones users (both Android and iOS), which take benefit of latest phone and computer vision innovations.

Photography “appsperiments” (apps experimental) are usable and useful smartphone photography experiences made on experimental technology. A motion photo was launched first on iOS before Android users. This type of photography app has created for cinemagraphs from short video using experimental stabilization and rendering technologies.

The three new app used latest technologies like “stylization algorithms”, “person segmentation”, “object recognition”, and “efficient image encoding/decoding”.

Google is innovating this three new app for photographic given the rise of next-generation smartphone cameras will be able to merger hardware vision algorithms. In detail, the company is exploring “very new creative mobile captured stills and video apps” as cameras will soon be able to understand the “semantic content” of a photo.

This type of feature is not too different from how the Google Assistant Photos. It can already album photos and animation, automatically create collages, movies, and GIFs.

Three New App for Experimental Photography

Storyboard (Android)

Storyboard will change your videos into single page comic layouts, completely on your device. It is easy to use you should shoot a video and load it in Storyboard on your android device. These applications will automatically pick perfect video cuts, and sets them out, and put on one of the six-layer styles. You can save them in the comic or pull down to refresh and immediately create a new one. There are around 1.6 trillion different possibilities.


Selfissimo (iOS & Android)

Selfissimo is an automatic selfie photographer, which snaps a stylish black and white photo every time.  This application will cheer you to pose and captures a photo when you stop moving. Tap the screen to open/end the session.


Scrubbies (iOS)

Scrubbies lets you easily control the speed and instructions of video playback to crop delightful video loops that best part of the video, capture funny faces, and replay moments. Shoot a video in Scrubbies application and then remix it by scratching it like a DJ. Rubbing with one finger plays the video. Rubbing with two fingers captures the replay so you can save or share it.


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