Best Apps to Hide Apps on Android

In this digital world, people all have their secret stuff to hide from others. No matter what relationship it is people will definitely have some stuff to hide from their family, friends, or others. If you’re one of them who is striving to find out the best apps to hide apps on your Android devices? Then you should check out this list of best apps to hide apps on Android devices in 2020.

With these apps, you can hide all the secrets from your near and dear ones. You don’t have to worry about anything because the android world is vast and has many options to hide apps. Let’s check out the best apps to hide apps on Android.

Best Apps to Hide Apps on Android:

Hiding your stuff can be easier with these apps on Android. So, just check out this list of apps and help yourself by protecting your sensitive stuff.

KeepSafe – Secret photo vault:

Keepsafe is one of the best apps to hide apps on your Android device. With this tool, some people will have no clue that you have hidden your information from your device. To safeguard and hide your information firstly you have to download your app.

Millions of users have already installed this safe app and secured their information from others. This is the most secure and popular secret photo vault locker app. Using this app you can block the access with either PIN protection, Touch ID or even fingerprint as well. Its photo security encryption is the robust military-grade encryption.

So, you can trust this app for encryption as well. The other best option you can get in this app is safe to convey. This option is useful for sharing pictures just for a limited time. After that, your shared picture will be deleted from the sharing option.

Calculator Vault:

Calculator vault is the other best app to hide your files on the Android device. With this app, you can secure all your sensitive information from others. All you have to do is set a 4-Digit pin code, then and store your pictures and videos in the secret vault. Whenever strangers access your phone then you will see the calculator itself. Without entering the perfect code in the calculator no one can even access your stuff.

The best part is no one thinks that the calculator is your vault. So, you can make use of these powerful apps to hide apps on an Android device.

Parallel Space:

Parallel Space is the other best apps to hide apps on Android. This app can help you clone and run multiple accounts at the same time. Although this is a cloning app you can use it as the best apps to hide apps on Android devices. Select the app you wish to hide and simply click on the “Add to” option on parallel space.

Now, head over to the homepage and select the app again. Give the app requisite permissions and log into it. After logging into the account, you can delete the main app from the home screen and main menu. That’s it, you have now hidden your apps on Android.


Vaulty is one of the best apps to hide apps on Android in 2020. Millions of uses love this app just because of its fabulous features. With this app, you can quickly hide pictures and videos with the Vaulty app.

Apart from that, you can even share pictures and videos from other apps as well. This special app is very easy to use and has an image and video hiding option. Besides that, it also has password protection, Automatic backup support, Mugshot, and more features. In this app, you can create different vaults to show different people as well.

Vault – Hide pictures & videos:

Vault is a special app that is designed to hide your sensitive information, private pictures and videos on your Android device. This app has tons of special features that users love to use such as App Lock, Private bookmarking, Cloud backup, Incognito browser and more. If you are striving to use the best apps to hide apps on Android then you should try out this app because it has attractive features.

This app is completely free to use and the best part is you can do data transfer with this tool as well. Apart from that, you can recover your passwords with its password recovery tool.

Hide it pro:

Hide it pro is yet another app that can help you to hide apps on your Android. This app is completely free and has great features as well. With this app, you can quickly hide all your photos and videos from the photo gallery and you can set a secret lock.

If you have installed this app on your device then you can easily give your phone to others because they can’t access your hidden information for sure. This app is cleverly designed to fool users as it shows as an Audio player but it actually stores your information.

To launch the app, you have to long-press on the Audio manager app to go to the secret vault. Only when you enter the vault password it will display or else it will lock it for a few minutes.

App hider:

App hider is another interesting app you should try out in the list of best apps to hide apps on Android. It has all the best features to get listed on this post. With this cool app, you can save all your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram as well. This app hider tool helps you to access multiple accounts from one device.

In this app you can hide apps, clone apps and even password protect them. This app turns into the calculator and will be hidden from other users so you will be secured and your information will be secured.


These are the best apps to hide apps on Android. If you are striving to find out more apps then you can use apps like Picsafe, Clock, Hideapp, Blackhole, locker and more. But, first, it’s best to try out these apps rather than going to its alternatives.

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