Who, What, How and Why: Engaging Customers With Explainer Videos

The internet is overloaded with information. Millions of pages of articles, tutorials, blog posts and reviews can make it difficult for a new business to get their voice heard in the vast wilderness of the World Wide Web, and offering something that will engage users is becoming increasingly difficult. Explainer videos are the perfect way to get your message across to potential customers in the first few seconds, and online users are much more likely to watch a short informative video than read through pages of detailed information. Videos engage users much more because they are visual, and YouTube has now become the second most popular search engine in the world partly due to its vast catalogue of explainer videos.

The Power of Motion

A well-crafted explainer video will let potential customers know the who, what and why of your business in simple terms and should convey these important points within the first minute. Colourful animations, moving graphics and an entertaining theme will keep viewers watching until the very end and will attract them much more than a formal explanation of what your business is offering.

Introduce Yourself

Customers are much more likely to stumble across your video on Youtube than your actual website when typing keywords into a search engine, and this will greatly increase your visibility. Your employees can even download your video using a service such as YTD and use it for customer presentations, staff training or introducing your company at trade fairs.

Form a Connection with Your Customer

Good explainer videos evoke an emotion within the viewer whilst still managing to communicate your message and the required information about your product or service. Short films, animated storytelling and sketches allow you to entertain your customers with a story, and if viewers can connect with it they are much more likely to want to find out more about your business.

Experiment with Actors and Animation

The explainer videos of the 60s which featured an actor in front a white screen speaking directly to the camera will not hold the attention of today’s audience who are able to process hundreds of bits of information being fired at them almost constantly. If you use an actor in your explainer video, fill the background with constantly changing graphics, animation and photos that will captivate the audience far better than a monologue.

Entice New Customers

If you are selling luxury items or services, the chances are customers will not need your product, so it is up to you to convince them that they want it. Your explainer video needs to tell the viewer who you are, what type of product or service you are offering, and why they should buy from you and not from your competitors. If you do this correctly, the viewer will start to want the product you are offering without even realising it.

Creating an effective, entertaining explainer video for your company will immediately expose you to millions of online users and potential customers. Viewers will have the opportunity to see your product or service in action which will make it much easier for them to visualize how it will benefit them. Our brains are hardwired to process moving images much more effectively than written words, so failing to utilise this powerful marketing tool means you are missing out on an incredible promotional opportunity.

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Steven Young has marketed his business for several years now. He also loves to teach others how to promote their businesses with his online articles.

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