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Mark Zuckerberg is the person who invented the fabulous concern of face book. Face book is the one of the foremost social network application among worldwide. Face book is changing the way of millions of people to communicate one another and share their information. It tolerate second place among all the social networks. At first it comes with default themes for its invent. Face book is mainly concentrating on school students to college students. Among the entire social network face book is the one which is economically supported by many companies. Face book consists of the profile page where the user can share their information, to upload images and videos, eminence, friends, interpretation, collection and the wall. In this face book most of the section is easy to understand. In this the user can build up a separate photo album to accumulate maximum sixty photos and the uploading process also very simple. The main advantages of the face book are Timeline. The timeline provides a new interface on creating the walls. In this face book we can sent messages to any of our friends and also it discern our friend’s birthday.

This face book has amazing called Groups in which the user can create new one to join and take part in the existing ones which includes their silhouette, hobbies and welfare. About 80% of groups are fun related. But some of the people are used for work together on university projects etc. Other main functions in this face book are Events. This feature has been exceedingly flourishing when it comes to organising celebration. In this the user can also provoke others to joining in events. Many colleges and universities used this feature. The most motivating thing in face book is poking of each other .It is hard to see its features and tools are extremely pleasing. In the upcoming generation face book plans upgrade their features for securing number one position among all the social networks.

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