Need for speed is the racing game which is advanced by a Canadian company. In the first generation 1994 it was developed just for video game, but the impact was so serious. Everyone started playing this game with great preference. And next it was developed to parts 2 and then 3 as hot pursuit. The first generation game is ended with need for speed (hot pursuit 2) in 2002. The second generation game started with the playing in pc and play station is need for speed (underground) in 2003. The NFS underground played a massive role in the gaming world, the second generation NFS is ended with the need for speed (undercover) in 2008. And then the gaming generation is upgraded to third, which made huge waves in playing the realistic racing game. The game started with need for speed (shift) in 2009, and then many versions are upgraded with Need for speed (NITRO, WORLD, HOT PERSUIT, UNLEASHED AND RUN) in 2012.

The development of the game was not stopped yet, in the modern generation the need for speed is updated with NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED where here introduced with many high technology of manual transmission it is upgraded with the nitrous, tires, suspension breaks and main focus on their upgrading the performance and it is upgraded to the extreme level. The speed of the car is increased with various speed packs of much more new cars like McLaren, Lamborghini Aventador J, and Bugatti Veyron super sport car it is the fastest car made in the world till now. This specialty are not accessible in the third generation NFS, since they had only limited performance up gradation. The NEED FOR SPEED evolution had not stopped yet, it is planned future with 5 th generation of gaming (DECLINE and GHOST) based on the forthcoming movies……..

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