California Translation Services for Tech, Gaming, & Entertainment Industries

From L.A. to Silicon Valley, California companies have special needs when it comes to going international. Connecting major markets around the globe to the cutting edge technology of the tech industry and the entertainment juggernauts of Hollywood requires making meaning on topics of social media, film, biotech, venture capital, blockbuster gaming, ecommerce, streaming entertainment, and a diverse assortment of disruptive startup ideas and entertainment empires.

Do the high-tech firms of California use machine translation for their prized copy? Not at all! Most rely on the gold standard of translation services to communicate their goals: human translation. Details can’t afford to be lost in translation, and when hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of international users are on the line, translating the nuances matters hugely.

In the Golden State, California translation services are well-positioned to serve all of Southern and Northern California’s major companies. They’ve had hand-on experience with high-profile tech and film production companies and helped launched movies as well as global services simultaneously in multiple new markets around the world. When you hire a California translation services company, you’re not just hiring teams which can work at the pace you demand, you’re also engaging with professionals who get the West Coast mindset. This makes managing projects and communication across teams smoother all around.

In terms of tech, a California translation services firm should be fluent in agile development, round-the-clock international project management, content management systems, and internationalization and localization projects. These teams understand that when global profits are at stake, it’s important to see English as “just another language.” This also means commanding a clear picture of the future, especially mobile. Translation services in California can help you translate your apps and websites into the hands of customers whether they’re on the latest version of iOS or are die hard Android fans.

Hollywood now depends on international viewers to maximize profits and recoup massive investments in blockbuster productions. Along with the translation services required to make the films speak to audiences, production companies around L.A. need partners who can ensure the marketing and promotional materials to support the film’s international releases work well in the target markets. California translation services have the crucial experience in the industry, the contacts overseas, and the teams of linguists and localization experts who can contribute to strong openings and DVD/streaming sales.

Don’t Google your way to a low-cost, low-quality partner based who-knows-where in the world. Keep the project in California, with translators you know and trust, and who can work with your teams on-site should the need arise. The audiences may be international, but a lot of the meetings should happen face-to-face. Don’t gamble on less than California translation services.

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