The most fastest made car in the globe is Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which holds the speed of 425 km/h. The car becomes legendary in competing with various races with many cars. The engine used in Bugatti Veyron is twin W16 Turbo charged with 1200 horse power, in 2.2 second it can accelerate 100 km/h and it is priced with the maximum of 1,700,000$ which is more expensive than any other car in the universe. The high speed of the car is limited automatically minimized to stopover of tire bursting while the race is going on. Aero dynamic processes are done to attain the velocity of the car extraordinary. The suspensions to the car are improved by a new system of longer spring suspension for increase the breathing ability.

The Bugatti Veyron super sport car holds the record of fastest car in the world. The car is often upgraded to advance machinery for the best engine used in a car, it contains two seats which is much comfortable for the sportsman. The sound system is designed with the pressure of 16 charged cylinders. Jens Schulenburg is the man behind this brand new car, who took ten long years to compete the goal by applying the various processes of thermo dynamics, aero dynamic process. The driving manner is completely different, since it is user-handy with turbo chargers. Even in the high speed the car is controlled easily due to nervous front vibrant. Can you imagine this much quality of process in any car, Bugatti Veyron super sports grasps this specialty. The painting system is also a main highpoint coming to design a fastest car in the world. If you want to become an owner of the fastest car, just buy this hottest technological car upgraded with modern progression. Many cars were on the race to win this amazing car…….

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