Did you Know what you Children are Doing Online?

Unfortunately, modern world holds too many dangers, and children are more and more jeopardized every day. Our young generation is continuously under pressure of different information emerging here and there on every step. Kids spending their time on the Internet are vulnerable to multiple threats which include pornography, strangers with improper intentions, and many other undesirable risks.

As a responsible parent, you will need a personal monitor to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the life of your precious children. The https://www.refog.com/ service offers a remarkable solution to control your children without intruding or violating their privacy. The software will provide you with all the necessary information you might want to know about your kids’ activities, and you are the one who decides what to do with this information.

So what are kids doing online nowadays? They chat, watch videos, surf the internet, play games. At first glance, it may sound okay for parents who do not keep abreast with modern online tendencies. We will discuss a couple of things that parents will probably want to protect their children from.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep your child away from it forever. There are too many portals with similar content emerging every day. This industry usually finds its way to the people using computer in many ways. It may unexpectedly pop up when your kid is browsing news. Nevertheless, it is important that your child does not frequent suck web sites.

Anonymous people with malevolent intentions

Social media in addition to various messengers are now a prime means of communication not only for the young generation, but for the entire planet. That is the reason why you should be cautious as anyone with bad intentions may approach your kid on the Internet which also endangers them, probably even more, since modern youth builds trust over online conversations.

Religious sects and other gatherings

Disguised as clubs and fun social gatherings, brotherhoods, etc., these sects have mastered the modern technology and started recruiting newcomers on the Internet. Believe us, you do not want your children any slice of that cake.

Gambling portals

Online casinos also have their place among the contemporary vices. They entice young children into betting habits which lately result in ruined lives. Legally, they have a protection on their web pages. Remember that “I am over 18” checkbox? Right, that is it. Clearly, it is not enough to prevent your kids from gambling at young age.

A wise parent should know the difference controlling and blocking children’s activities. Frankly, the situation might get even worse if you try to prohibit and block access to the online content. Kids may feel oppressed and stressed, which may result in doing the same, but secretly. It is better if you keep an eye on the frequent online pages your children visit and what social media they use to chat with different people. Personal monitor serves you silently running in the background without blocking anything and giving you the essential information you need to make a deliberate decision. Keep your children safe!

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