Bodybuilder Secrets on Getting Lean Muscle

One of the challenges that face aspiring body builders and those that are looking for ways to effectively sculpt their bodies, is the inability to increase lean muscle mass and sustain it. You have probably spent countless hours in the gym, but you have either hit a plateau or you are actually declining in strength and muscle mass.

Some inexperienced or misinformed trainers will focus on the workout, without giving any consideration to other factors. Don’t get me wrong, optimizing your workout is extremely important to achieve the overall goal to increase lean muscle, but the workout is not the only element involved in the development of muscle.

In order for your body to produce muscle there has to be the proper amount of protein i.e. mass gainers. I am sure that you are aware of this. There are multitudinous protein supplements on the market to help you accomplish this. Another area of concern in which you may be less informed is lowered testosterone levels. Unfortunately, as a man ages (past the age of 30), his testosterone levels diminish. As testosterone levels diminish the ability to put on muscle and sustain it also diminishes.

You can have the greatest workout in the world and getting plenty of protein, but if your testosterone levels are not high enough, you will not achieve the desired results.


As a former athlete I remember a point when I increased the intensity of my workout and I knew that my technique had improved, but the results were not showing up in my performance. I decided to change my diet to include foods rich in zinc. Zinc is a vital mineral that is necessary for the production of testosterone. Unfortunately, it takes some effort to find ways to increase your zinc levels. The natural postulation would be that a good zinc supplement would do the trick, but studies show that even those that are taking zinc supplements are not getting enough to raise testosterone to its natural levels.

Supplements are just what the title suggests; they are to supplement an existing intake of a particular mineral or vitamin. Your diet is the most effective way to manage your zinc levels.

Amino Acids

While you are working on increasing your zinc levels, another topic of focus should be boosting your intake of BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids). There is a great deal of research data that reveals that BCAA’s contribute to increased testosterone levels. This is enhanced by a consistent regimen of resistance training. Just like zinc, you find a bunch of good BCAA supplements, but your best source of BCAA’s are found in dairy products, such as whey protein and quality cheese products.

Vitamin D

If you are seriously looking to increase your testosterone levels you will also want to find ways to increase your vitamin D levels. Research shows that the deficiency in vitamin D levels in the US are at epidemic levels. This is because people simply don’t spend enough time in the sun. Exposure to sun light is the best source of vitamin D.

If you want to increase lean muscle mass you will have to consistently find ways to boost your testosterone levels. I would suggest you make it a habit of doing testosterone research at least once per week. This will actually become one of the most vital parts of your training program. Education is empowerment in any area, especially fitness. Doing your own research empowers you to make changes and be actively involved in your physical metamorphosis.


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