Why Organic T-Shirts Make For Great Startup Merch

As the world struggles with global warming, pollution, and the destruction of wildlife, more people are becoming aware of how their actions affect nature. People are becoming informed about things like microplastics going down the drain and the large-scale effects of environmental degradation.

For instance, it’s easier to research how brands operate and how products are made. Therefore, people could make wiser choices so they could lower their carbon footprint. As for businesses, there’s also a need for some to become more intentional about how they operate. In this way, they could make a better impact globally and get support from people and their clients.

One way to do this is to choose merchandise that’s geared toward environmental awareness. Organic t-shirt printing is one of the best ways a brand could sell their merch, and here’s why:

1. Supports Environmental Awareness

Consumers are now becoming aware of how big brands are behind much of the earth’s destruction. Therefore, more and more people are considering whether they should support a company by buying their products.

These days, it’s essential for people to support brands merchants agree with morally. Therefore, if your brand takes environmental protection seriously, you could get the support of like-minded individuals. Whether it’s as simple as starting a t-shirt merch business, you could get clients from personalities to more prominent brands who want to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Helps Your Brand Image

Going organic also boosts your brand image since every little step count when saving the environment. While you don’t have to go all-natural with your entire business yet, taking it slowly toward an environmentally friendly business practice already makes a huge difference.

Clients are expecting more from brands, and it’s no longer a matter of making a profit. With so much power and success, there’s hope and anticipation for larger companies to spearhead movements for all kinds of social problems. For example, if a brand is interested in helping and donating to more prominent causes, it shows dignity and generosity.

Organic T-Shirts
T-shirt and branch with cotton blossoms, showing use of natural fabrics

3. No Pesticides Were Used

Switching to organic materials for your shirts and printing also means you no longer support the use of pesticides. Cotton that’s not organically produced makes use of pesticides because they want to harvest more. This means they have to reduce the possibility of various organisms ruining the cotton, so they use such treatment.

Unfortunately, there are several disadvantages and harms to using pesticides:

  • Interrupts the ecosystem
  • Pollutes the soil
  • Pollutes water sources
  • Kills other living organisms
  • Some bugs develop resistance to certain pesticides

It’s also worth mentioning that there are cases wherein pesticides have caused plantations to close down legally. This is because the environment, after prolonged exposure to insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, has become so toxic that the soil and water sources have become highly contaminated.

4. Lowers Use Of Harmful Chemicals

Aside from the use of pesticides, there are other chemicals used in the textile industry. When producing and treating fabrics, some of these harmful chemicals aren’t correctly disposed of. The chemicals used in the textile industry might even find their way into drinking water. It’s also possible that some of these stay in the clothes you buy and use.

While it may seem like one shirt isn’t harmful to the environment, the entire textile industry behind it might have been responsible for water contamination. Wastewater from treating textiles is said to have contributed to about 20% of industrial water pollution worldwide.

In addition to pesticides, there are also chemicals used to dye, bleach, and print the fabrics. It’s said that the textile industry uses and releases 8,000 different kinds of chemicals into the environment. Some of these might even have heavy metals, which are known to be carcinogenic.

By deciding to switch to organic t-shirts, consumers and businesses can show they don’t promote the textile industry’s detrimental effects. Instead, by making small changes like switching to organic materials, it’d portray you don’t support the use and release of these harmful chemicals into the environment.


When it comes to business merchandising, there are many things to consider like profit, marketing, logo making, and brand awareness. The business side of it often takes center stage, which has been the trend for many years.

But as times change, more people become aware of the environment and how individual actions can affect it. It’s crucial that brands follow suit because their relevance to the market relies on it. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt a business to take sustainable actions for the conservation of nature. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you use organic t-shirts for your startup.

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