How to Expand Your Company by Implementing a Video Conferencing Solution

So you want to expand your business? While there are plenty of tools out in the market to help you make this happen, not all of them are going to be effective. If you want a solution that works, consider adding video communication to your tools.

What is video conferencing?

Investopedia defines it as a technology that makes it possible for people to conduct face to face meetings, all without the need to head to a single location. It’s remarkably ideal for users in different cities or countries since video crosses the distance and collapses the geographical barriers with ease. From interviewing candidates to reaching out to clients and consumers, integrating a video system into your communication infrastructure helps you do a lot of things.

Interviewing candidates

If you’re expanding your team, you’ll need to take on more people. That’s where video communication comes in handy. You can conduct initial meetings on video. That saves both you and your potential clients time and effort. In the past, recruiting teams only had resumes and emails to help them form a first impression of the candidate. With video interviews, they have a lot more to work with, helping them make decisions that are more accurate with regards to whether the candidate is a fit or not.

Hiring candidates

You can also use video to help you fulfill your hiring goals. It’s not always easy to find the right people for the job. If you can’t seem to squeeze out anyone out of the local talent pool, you can extend your search to global with a video communication system. With so many talents around, you’re sure to find the one that’s ideal for the job. No need to compromise on your hiring standards or opt for a candidate that doesn’t tick all the boxes, just to fill up that vacant post. With video calls or interviews that allow you easy access to talents anywhere in the world, you can have the level and quality of hire you want for your team.

Improve system safety

An added perk of video communication technology is that going for a cloud-based solution keeps your information private and secure. Encrypted video conferencing for IT, a service from BlueJeans, helps you keep your information secure and safe on the cloud as you expand. As your business grows, so does your need for information safety and protection. By using this tool, you won’t have to worry about information leaks or hacks any time soon.

Collaboration-ready team

Company growth begins with your employees. One way to prepare your team for growth is to ensure they’re ready to collaborate. Startups typically start out with a small team. Once you decide to expand, though, you’ll need to hire a lot more people. You want to make sure you hire employees who are willing and ready to work with other members of the team. This might be a bit difficult to pull off, especially if your employees work on remote. How do you pull people in and encourage them to work together, when they haven’t even seen each other in person, much less know each other by face? With a video system tool, you can. Video communication offers the necessary human touch to help your teams get to know each other, says TechRadar. The more they know and trust each other, the better the work will go.

Expand your market

One of the best things about video conferencing solutions today is that they allow you to get in touch with anywhere in the world. So even if your products or services don’t hit it big locally, you can market your products or services on a global scale. You might be surprised at how much other markets go gaga over your products or services. With a video solution, you won’t have to limit your goods or services to the local markets. You can expand your target audience and reap the benefits as well as international renown that comes with. By finding your audience from all over the world, your business has a much better chance at becoming financially stable and secure.

Expand your branches

One way companies are expanding is by getting another branch or location. If you want to put up several branches of your business, it can be a bit tough to monitor all your sites. No worries, though, if you have a video system. With video, you can easily meet up, relay instructions or provide training to all teams from different sites, all in one day. Just open your laptop and meet them through online meetings and you’re good to go.

Expanding your business doesn’t just take guts and hiring the right people. Often, it takes the right tools as well. So be sure to find a video conferencing solution that’s ideal for meeting the needs of your organization.

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