How to Build the Best Team For Your Blogging Business

It’s more accessible and attainable than ever to build a successful blogging business. There are countless resources available to guide even complete novices toward creating a blog that develops a following and ultimately makes an income.

When you first start out in the early days of creating a money-making blog, you may find that it’s easy to work as a solopreneur. You may be managing all of the duties on your own from writing and publishing to promoting and guest blogging.

As your blog grows, as with any business, you may find that you can no longer do it all yourself. When you reach that point you need to work on building a team to keep your momentum going, but how do you build an effective, valuable online team for your online business?

Decide On the Roles You Need to be Filled

There are two different broad categories you might be considering as you build up your startup or online business team. The first would be those employees that you need on a regular basis, whether that’s full-time or part-time.
For most bloggers, the key person they would need on a full-time basis would be a virtual assistant. With this person, you’d likely create a contract and have to provide some level of training and guidance, particularly in the beginning.
Then, you may also look for contractors, such as writers and designers, who will work on an as-needed basis.

Create a Content Process

When you’re hiring people to work on your blog, the primary roles are probably going to revolve around content creation.

Before you start hiring anyone, make sure you have a clear, concise content creation process in place. This will give you something to show potential employees and freelancers, so they’ll know whether or not the position is right for them, and it will streamline and organize your operations, even as you expand.

Your content process should also include an in-depth style guide, which is particularly important as you bring new people on. If you’re moving from being the only one writing content for your blog to hiring others, you want to maintain style consistency to avoid turning off your readers.

Know Your Goals

Before you begin assembling your startup team for your blog, make sure you know what your business objectives are.

For example, do you want more traffic, or do you simply want to publish more often?

Whatever your goals are, this will be a good starting place in the hiring process.

Have The Right Tools

With so many people operating an online business and working remotely, you have endless potential tools at your disposal that will make it easier to coordinate, communicate and work with your new team, whether it consists of one person or 10.

It’s good to have an idea of the team tools you’ll use before you hire.

You should think about finding an all-in-one solution that will let you have a centralized point of reference with your editorial calendar and publishing schedule, content ideas, a place to upload finished work, and communication and collaboration tools.

When you become a successful blogger, it’s often going to become necessary to bring other people on to work with you and help you grow. Following tips like the ones listed above can assist in ensuring you have the best possible team.

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