Expanding Your Business with Localization

Every ambitious company owner that believes in the convenience of their product wants it to achieve globalization. Successful businesses constantly scout for opportunities to expand their services into foreign markets. Finding the market that can benefit from your product can bring profitable advancements and even improve the quality of life in targeted regions. Achieving the status of a global brand is a very difficult but honorable achievement.

Localization and internationalization are the processes that build our bridges into foreign markets. If you believe that your company has the potential and necessary resources to expand to other regions, it is time to lay the groundwork and start localizing.

The expansion opportunities can vary depending on your product and its necessity in other regions. Convenient services have great opportunities to target less developed countries to improve the quality of life, while unique and revolutionary can seek expansion in Europe, the United States, South Korea, and Japan. Incidentally, we encourage you to get familiar with complementary tools like residential proxies. Using a US proxy will help you test your website and research other competitors in America. That being said, having a USA proxy will not make you an expert on the targeted market. Finally, let’s focus on the process of localization!

The proxy servers act as a web filter and firewall. The best proxy servers keeps you and your network protected. Besides best browser proxy allows you to switch your IP while browsing the internet or navigating with in the web without installing any software. It can easily  bypass the internet filters if any.


Invest in the internationalization of your product

To start our process of localizing into foreign markets, we must ensure that our product is internationalized. Even if you are just an ambitious, up-and-coming business owner, making your platform adaptable to other languages and character systems will save you from a lot of struggle in the future. It is one of the many functional requirements that will make your service comfortable, convenient, and suitable for every situation. Internationalization is the necessary foundation for further localized expansion, but it also helps to attract and service linguistic minorities.

When we build a website or a software application, it has to be modified to fluently switch languages and character types without the need for engineering interventions.

Starting the process of localization

In essence, localization extends the work we started by internationalizing our product. Once we have the necessary symbols to reach out to foreign clients, we can focus on the details of communication, and the language is only the part of it. Different cultures, age groups, and genders can absorb information in unique ways.

Of course, you will encounter cases where a simple translation is all it takes to adapt to your environment. However, spatial differences between characters can distort and misalign your graphical user interface (GUI) and make the whole environment look very sloppy and unprofessional. Even products that require minimal localization effort can be improved to satisfy customers. Also, we can always test the visibility and appearance of the website with proxy extensions. If you plan to expand your business into the US, a USA proxy will complement your localization tasks!

If we want to build a unique and meaningful connection that will generate positive feedback, there are many ways to approach and research the targeted region. Studying the market and learning from the best is the most optimal approach to speed up localization. Implementing useful tools like web scrapers will help you extract high-value public data and use future competitors to your advantage. Some local businesses may geo-block connections from other countries to limit traffic on their website. If you want to learn more about such companies in the US, you can access their websites with a USA proxy.

Don’t forget to test your website!

Localization testing helps us ensure a smooth expansion to the chosen region. Starting small and systematizing these tasks allows us to monitor important changes and catch mistakes early. Test your website after textual changes and then make adjustments to your GUI. Also, don’t forget to test your scripts and their functionality with new language characters.

Depending on your product, some website features might be unavailable in your targeted region. Make sure to remove them to not mislead visitors. Inversely, make sure to extensively test any new features to the website.

Small adjustments to the color palette and the layout of your website may create a more pleasant visiting experience for local users and potential new clients. Even some design features may require removal in sensitive markets.

Once you implement the necessary changes, don’t forget to test the changes by accessing the website with a local IP. A proxy extension or VPN network will let you see whether your localized website loads correctly. If you plan to localize your business in the US, test it with a USA proxy.

If you believe that your company has what it takes to localize in other markets, do not hesitate to seize the moment. Investing in localization will help you reach much more clients and discover cooperation opportunities with local businesses.

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