5 Tricks for Mastering Email Marketing

If you start browsing the internet, you’ll notice that a lot of people hate the concept of email marketing. Many believe this is an obsolete approach and that getting good results is hard.

The truth is somewhere in between. Yes, there are numerous marketers who never benefited from this method. However, there are also those who made careers selling stuff via Gmail. Like many other things in life, you need a lot of practice to master this approach and make money out of it.

In this article, we’ll share a few tricks that will help you with email marketing. Keep in mind that you’ll also need some practice to get to where you want to be.

1. Get tools

Even if you’re an experienced marketer, there is a good chance you’ll struggle when starting a new campaign. Each product and service is different, which makes it hard to create a one-size-fits-all approach. So, we are often forced to analyze the results and tweak them along the way.

This is where email tools come into play. Before sending one message, you need to install tracking software. Automation tools are also nice, as they would allow you to send emails in bulk.

“Having measurable results is crucial for email campaigns,” warns Site Impact, a digital marketing company from Florida. According to their representatives, this helps marketers understand what went wrong, but it also helps create a bridge of trust with clients.

In fact, if you check Site Impact reviews, you’ll notice that their clients praise their transparency, something that all digital marketing companies can benefit from.

2. Personalize emails

Marketers often emphasize the importance of sending personalized emails. Unfortunately, they rarely explain what this means.

To create a personalized email, it’s not enough to simply add a person’s name. Instead, you should talk about them, their personal problems, wants, and needs. This is precisely what makes email marketing so excruciating, as it takes a lot of time to research and create such messages.

If you decide to go with this approach, keep in mind that you won’t be able to benefit from automated tools. Instead, you’ll need a dedicated marketer to hand-type all these emails. Personalized emails are especially fantastic when targeting a smaller group of wealthy customers.

3. Make it short

Another common mistake entrepreneurs make is writing long emails. They believe this makes them more relevant while preventing potential omissions. Unfortunately, it creates the opposite effect.

You should never forget that your leads are busy people. They don’t have time for blocks of text, especially if you don’t offer anything special. So, while you need to talk about them and their problems, your punch line should be relatively short.

This goes for the title and the body. Addressing a person directly in the email makes it even better. In fact, the title is the focal point of the whole message, and it can make or break your pitch. According to data, 47% of emails are opened just because they have a solid subject line.

4. Send the emails at the right time

When it comes to digital marketing, especially emailing and social media, timing is everything. All the data indicates that sending an email at the right time will significantly increase its open rates.

Not only does this increase the conversion, but it also makes it more likely that people will share the message with others. Then again, it depends on the nature of your email and what you’re offering.

Unfortunately, finding the right time to send emails is a bit tricky. It usually depends on the specific business, so having experience with a particular industry definitely helps.

Another issue is that you need to send all these messages simultaneously to numerous leads. This can cause problems if you’re personalizing messages. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have a full folder of texts that you’ll need to send one after another without relying on tools.

5. Tweak your offer according to receiver

As mentioned, you need to personalize all these messages. In some cases, you’ll also need to personalize your offer. For example, a smaller company might not have the same payment capacity as a large multinational business.

This will significantly complicate your approach. The good thing is that you can create a few offer templates according to the size of a company. So, before sending all these emails, just make sure to categorize all the leads and open up with a customized message that you can further tweak for an individual receiver.

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