10 Websites That are Perfect as Alternative CouchTuner

The pandemic has hit us hard. Many of us are spending time at home, often bored and most of the time watching something on the internet. Many movie buffs have already subscribed to Netflix, Hulu, and other OTT media platforms with a yearly subscription. But not all of us want to pay every time. Moreover, even if we subscribe to one platform, you get to know about some amazing content streaming somewhere else. In situations like these, CouchTuner and its kin came as a savior. Now that CouchTuner is blocked, does that mean the end of free content? Of course not!

CouchTuner was blocked because of copyright infringement issues. But much any other torrent sites, CouchTuner also has its clone sites. If you are not being able to access CouchTuner, you can use a virtual private network or VPN service to access.

If that sounds too much of work to do, you try the following alternatives websites, which will give you the almost same experience as CouchTuner. Let’s have a look.

AZ Movies

CouchTuner AlternativesAZ Movies is run by a group of Television series and movie lovers. Their wish to share what they love with the whole world has given birth to AZ Movies. It has an interesting collection of movies and TV series. The library contains old movies along with the newly released ones. The features section will take you to some hidden gems if you can spot one. One annoying thing about it is that clicks will redirect you to other websites.

Website Link: https://azm.to/

123MoviesCouchTuner Alternatives

Started as a humble streaming platform, 123Movies has expanded exponentially. It is popular and has a library of a lot of TV series, shows, and movies. 123Movies is so popular that it has about 100 clone sites and proxies. Some of the proxies use the same design whereas some are different from the mother website. The contents are available in HD format. You can search for content by the originating countries. There are many versions of 123Movies and hence increases the risk of landing on a malicious site. So, proceed with caution, you may never know by the name and end up getting malware-infected.

Website Link: https://123movieshd.yt/

SolarMovieCouchTuner Alternatives

SolarMovie is known as the best alternative to CouchTuner. It has a compact design, making the navigation an easy task. Discover new released content and chartbusters with its amazing interface. If you are a registered user, you will be able to rate the content. The registration is free and doesn’t need any personal information. As in most of the free online streaming sites, SolarMovie also derives its content from third parties.

Website Link: https://www1.solarmovies.co/

New EpisodesCouchTuner

Looks a lot like a paid platform, New Episodes have accumulated all the major Television and Web Shows in the most stylish way. The site is dedicated to the series and shows. The schedule section of the websites gives you a list of upcoming shows. It also sends reminders as and when your favorite shows come online. You can search for the shows directly from the search bar or you can try the alphabetical order, in case of any confusion.

Website Link: https://newepisodes.co/


One of the oldest in the business, PutLocker is a household name for most of the movie and series lover we know. You can choose a lot of content from different genres. If you are looking for the best content from different countries, you must give PutLocker a try. The suggestion section gives you a lot of new content picked for you. I love the night mode feature. If you are a night owl like I am, you will find this feature straining your eyes much less when you browse.

Website Link: https://ww1.putlocker.vip/putlocker

PrimeWireCouchTuner Alternatives

PrimeWire is your go-to website for all the newly released ones. The movies come in different resolutions. Depending on the speed of the internet and the device you are using, pick one and go ahead. We would advise you to create an account and read about the safe ways to watch movies online.

Website Link: https://www.primewire.site/

MoviewatcherCouchTuner Alternatives

Moviewatcher is a good alternative to CouchTuner with its array of genres to make you binge never-ending. You can stream almost everything and even some rare films or series at times. All the popular genres are available along with other interesting genres like film-noir, talk-show, musical, thriller, fantasy, and lot more. It has arranged its movies by the year of release to make your search a bit easier.

Website Link: https://moviewatcher.is/

PopcornFlixCouchTuner Alternative

Another old man of the online streaming platforms, PopcornFlix is a staple in the scene for many years now. Many high school students and young adults really on PopcornFlix even now. It has a section of viral videos that may seem a bit weird amidst the movies and serious. If you can ignore this little distraction, PopcornFlix still manages to perform well. It does not have a lot of ad pop-ups, making the watch quite pleasant. It is still one of the most loved ones among the free streaming platforms and one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner. We hope it remains amazing for years ahead.

Watch Link: https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies

CafeMovieAlternative CouchTuner

This dark-themed website is another great alternative to CouchTuner. CafeMovie has all the iconic films that you may want to watch. It has a lot of new movies as well. The site gives you all the necessary information regarding the film, like duration rating, etc. It also has a good collection of series. The best part of the website is the playback feature which hardly anyone else has.
Website Link: https://cafemovie.info/

FlixTorAlternative CouchTuner

Another great alternative to CouchTuner, Flixtor has a huge library of content form all across the world. Recommendation is one of the most interesting features giving a huge option of movies and TV shows based your taste. You can save your list for later use.

Website Link: https://flixtor.to/home

Though CouchTuner is down, these websites are there to help you amidst the gloomy pandemic days. Pick the one that suits your taste and have an amazing time ahead.

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