Truly Breaking Free From the Television Schedule with Internet TV

Watching video on the computer is nothing new to us, we’ve been able to do it for years. What is new is the rising interest in watching cable-TV on the computer instead of the television. This allows the user to enjoy their programs while working on whatever tasks that need to be accomplished in a much less serious environment. This allows more productivity and more enjoyment while getting what needs to be done, done. There are a handful of companies taking a shot at television for the computer, each of them has a unique catch that keeps users coming back for more.

Netflix, the leader and Internet television broadcasting allows users to select from an array of videos to watch. This includes an endless list of movies along with television programs as well. Netflix has been pushing Internet television to a whole new level by introducing an entirely new form of viewing new episodes from series. When a new season has released, Netflix allows every single episode to be viewed at the exact same time. This is something that many Netflix users claim to love to do but cannot do this with television programs that are not primarily broadcasted by Netflix because they, just like the rest of the world watching that program, have to wait each week for the next release. The television series that are promoted by Netflix though offer a whole new experience in watching new episodes. This allows Netflix to get a one-of-a-kind experience for watching TV entirely.

Many have already begun to realize that watching television many times is much better done by a tablet than by an actual TV. Slingbox has beenone company that has prioritized on that realization and allows users to port their cable TV service through their Slingbox to watch on their iPad. One great benefit of this is that while on vacation the user could pull out their iPad and watch their cable TV service from the iPad without having to wrestle with expensive cable upgrades inside hotels. Another great benefit would be that you could bring your tablet over to a friends house and watch a recording together if they did not have the channel. The DVR may have been a great idea for saving all of the shows so we don’t need to live off of the televisions timeline but without the Slingbox we’re still limited to only viewing it in one location.

One last great way to watch TV on a computer would be to take advantage of extra features that certain companies offer for their cable packages. DirecTV offers a service where one can watch live TV on their computer or on their tablet to be able to bring their television with them where ever they go. It might seem a little excessive but knocking out half of a new episode that you were looking forward to while waiting at the doctors office sounds like a pretty good deal to anyone who could use an extra 30 minutes in a day.

It has already been determined that television on more of a computer based platform is where cable companies are pushing towards. An on demand service for the computer allows the user the same freedom that they would have inside their DVR without having to hassle with recording the shows ahead of time. Watching television should be more about entertainment, not following a structured schedule that a marketing specialist had thrown together to suggest what time would be best for which viewers. Break free from that schedule, watching TV on the computer can say is immense amounts of time. We all have the same 24 hours, how will you spend yours?


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