Microsoft is Now Expands Game Gifting to Xbox One Users

In October, Microsoft letting digital gift for Xbox One game lovers in the holidays, following a test time before this year ends. Anyone could log in to the “Microsoft Store” or “Xbox Store” and choose an “Xbox One” game to send digitally as a gift. After choosing the game, select the Xbox friend or your friend’s email address of whom you want to gift, and type a message. The game will transport to the person once the payment details are registered.

Game gifting is a highly demanded feature by Xbox One game lovers. The feature is limited to Xbox Insiders. But the holiday is the perfect time for gifting for gaming fans.

Microsoft has put the limitation on some Xbox One titles, such as “Play Anywhere games”, from digital transfer. Also, the Xbox games could not able to send gift Xbox original or Xbox 360 games. And also, Xbox gamers would not be able to send a gift to anyone the pre-release titles; it means the game should be launched and available.

A post on Microsoft’s Xbox site comments box summative approximately “5k votes” over the past 3 years. Still, Sony doesn’t provide gifting for gaming on the PS4, but Valve has provided its Steam Gifts feature for fairly some time. Gifting a game will increase the number of new features. Microsoft is planning to launch Xbox one in the upcoming months, with a new look system that will introduce in early 2018.

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