The ABC of VPN for Android

Beginners’ guide to using a vpn for android

The hottest topic for discussions in the field of mobile operating systems is security of information since contemporary cell phone users heavily rely on their devices to assist them virtually every minute of their life. They tend to store their notes, messages, emails, bank accounts’ and cards’ numbers, other financial information and sensitive data.

Modern service industry entices new clients with multiple free benefits; a free Wi-Fi spot is one of them. There are multiple restaurants, shops, and even cinemas which offer a free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi technology. At first it may seem quite a wonderful opportunity and a token of a remarkable service and customer care; however, it is potentially a very bad idea to blindly connect to the Internet in such places. The thing is, this free access is secure in no way and will most probably bring harm to your device if you do not use a vpn for android. People who call themselves hackers can easily exploit the weaknesses of such a connection and use it for their malicious purposes to steal your personal information or financial details and credentials which then will likely be used to do you more harm.



Using a vpn technology offers a user multiple benefits like secure connections. Since, as a rule, your device is connected to an overseas server, you will have another IP address which will allow you to gain access to the web portals that might be restricted to some specific regions. It also uses a secure connection to hide everything you are doing on your device when using a public free Wi-Fi spot.

Since insecurity of public networks in a major issue, you might want to refrain from the following:

Mobile banking
Sharing private information
Business communication
Sending important emails, etc.


All these activities are prone to be hacked in case you do not take the necessary precautions and make use of an affordable vpn technology. Another benefit of using a virtual private network is to trick any web site into allowing you access in case they practice a region lock.

There are many pretty looking offers of free vpn services you might be interested in but should avoid using on your device. A free service is not much more secure compared to a free public Wi-Fi network. Although such solutions will provide you minimum security when browsing the Internet in general, but still, it is probably a bad idea to perform some important activities which require you entering your passwords and other sensitive data. On the contrary, security demands sacrifices; that is, you may feel your download speed drop a bit since you will be traced through the different servers worldwide and, similarly, your traffic will be redirected as well. Yet, vpn is a great solution you should consider using if you tend to connect to the Internet in public places.

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