Xbox One, PS4, Wii U or PC?


Like possibly some of you out there you are probably trying to figure out what you want this holiday season in terms of a next gen gaming console. With all the news concerning each console one has to ask this question: am I making the right choice? I’m not going to tell you what I think everyone in the world should buy. I am honestly not even sure on what to purchase myself. I am simply going to talk about my own conflictions, reservations, and opinions about each gaming option available.

Wii U

Let us tackle the one with the worse reputation at the moment. What is going on with Nintendo these days?! Growing up Nintendo was my go to gaming console of choice. It was the type of games I loved to play all the time. It is sad to see how it is no longer viewed as a heavy hitter in the gaming industry and that is not because I still enjoy it… it is because I don’t buy what they are trying to sell me nowadays. I only hope they do not turn into another Sega. It would be too weird to play Mario on an Xbox or PlayStation.

Playstation 4

The Playstation 4 looks pretty sick. After the whole stunt that Microsoft pulled concerning their gaming policy it made the playstation 4 look even more appealing. The one thing however that I cannot wrap my head around is the games. Do not get me wrong a lot of the games on the playstation are incredible but I am not that impressed with the game line up for Playstation 4’s launch. I know it will improve as time goes by especially because of the Sony team and their grasp on the market but I can only hope.

Xbox One

The Xbox One confuses me because they have changed their statements often. At this point I cannot say I have been sold on the Xbox One. The only thing it has going for it in my opinion are the exclusives. Titanfall looks amazing. I want to own that game. Basing a 500 dollar purchase on one game though is not a really good financial move. Sure you can watch TV on an Xbox One but I can already do that… on my TV.


If I was a billionaire and could purchase every gaming console I would. If I was financially set and had a couple thousand lying around I would buy a PC for sure. The reason why is because of the games. You just have more options to play on a PC but for me the problem I was always faced with was the graphics. Getting a PC to run incredibly beautiful graphics would cost too much money. Sure if I had the money I would…. But many people don’t and will resort to buying one of the above gaming consoles. Titanfall is on PC soooo…. Yeah.

With all that being said that is my short opinion on what gaming consoles are coming out and what I think of them. If you are a game guru and own every console invented I certainly hope you have home security. Smith security provides excellent services! Check them out.



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