Security Tips to Secure Your Mobiles While Playing Online Pokies Games

Millions of people love playing online pokies games, and you can easily see the crazy of the people by just going any pokies site.

Even I am one of them; I love pokies casino games, and I usually spend more time on playing. But I equally manage work as well.

A few days back while, I was playing on my smartphone, my friends saw it, and said don’t play these games on smartphones it can take your stuff and it will bring all malicious virus to the phone, etc.

Although what they said was slightly correct, you can easily play secure online pokies casino games on your mobile as well.

I have mainly tried these steps to protect my phone, and I am not having any problem with my smartphone.
So, I want to share these useful tips which can make you secure your mobiles and play fun casino games.

Security tips to secure your smartphones while playing online pokies games:

Here are some useful steps to protect your smartphones, if you follow these steps then you can easily play the game without any sort of trouble with your mobiles.

1.Secure your device with malware protection:

Having a malware app on your Android is important when you play the online pokies games. Not only in online games but whenever you browse online anti malware protection is important. It can easily detect all the malware, spyware and Trojans on your smartphone and it can easily remove them.

Some might think you are using anti-virus, so there is no need to use the anti-malware app again, but it isn’t true anti malware protection is vital for any mobile because it acts different from anti-virus and it prevents all the malware to stay away from your phone.

2. Secure your device with antivirus:

The second most important thing you have to do when you are browsing the internet through your mobile is to install antivirus software on your device. Many surveys have said that there was lots of information leaked due to the less than the active virus itself.

The virus is a frustrating part for any mobile or smartphone users, if you want to play online pokies and casino games, you should install the best antivirus software to protect your smartphone from virus attacks.

As the technology has been advancing, you can use the best antivirus apps like McAfee, AVG, CM Security and other Best anti-virus resources.

3. Disable apps from untrusted sources and don’t root or jailbreak device:

It always the best option to disable apps from untrusted sources, sometimes it can show official app from untrusted sources, in that case, check it with antivirus and then proceed. Don’t root or jailbreak your device so that you can have some best security comforts.

4. Keep sensitive files off your smartphone:

To be even more protective better keep your sensitive information on your phone to encrypting SD cards or pen drives it’s always a safe idea.


There is no need to feel fear when you are playing online pokies or casino games, just follow these above rules to make your device secure.

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