Google and Mozilla has been targeting the Indian market for a long time. Now they are both partnering with the Indian handset manufacturers Spice to produce cheaper and efficient phones. These phones will be launched by Diwali and they are expected to sell well. Both Google and Mozilla believe that this partnership with Spice will help them capture an indisputable position in the Indian market.

Mozilla and Spice partnership

Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox web browser, have been struggling to market their Firefox OS. Hence they have partnered with Intex and Spice to gain some hold in the Indian market. They are working hard to bring out a new smartphone in India which will cost only $25 or Rs.1,500. This will help them popularize their Firefox OS in the peninsular country.

Partnership between Google and Spice

Not just Mozilla, but Google is also eyeing to gain a considerable stand in the Indian market. They have already partnered with the likes of Micromax and Karbonn, under the Android One initiative, to bring out cheap Android phones to the market. Now they have tied up with Spice to produce an efficient and reliable phone that would be affordable to all. They are aiming to create a phone for under $100 or Rs.6,000.

Spice about this partnership

Spice is also confident that this partnership will be fruitful for their company. Its CEO Mr. T M Ramakrishnan said that they are expecting release these phones during the Diwali season. He also believes that it is their innovation and creativity which was crucial in their partnership with the internet giants.

Performance of Spice this year

Spice is now making its way into the Indian smartphone and they expect their sales to rise upto 40% which has already reached Rs.2000 crore during this fiscal year. They have already shipped about 17.59 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2014 when compared to 6.14 million at the same point during last year.

Partnerships between different companies are growing in the smartphone space. This one between Spice and the two industry giants is expected to be a good one.

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