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The web world comprises of many online shopping sites, simply making it difficult for the people at large to choose the right and the most appropriate one. It does not matter which sites have gained more name and fame. When it is about getting the best and most contented shopping experience, it becomes really necessary to choose the right site, which undoubtedly is Ask Me Bazaar’s Deal Guru.

What is this Deal Guru?

Deal Guru is actually an online shopping website yet it possesses some features, which make it unique. Deal Guru actually helps the businessmen and the sellers to sell their products or stock that have been produced in surplus amount. Each product is absolutely authentic and completely perfect. But the real best part underlies the fact that these products are offered in great discounts, which you might not be able to find in other websites. The sellers can cut out their losses with the sale of their products, whereas the buyers or the customers can have branded and exciting goodies at much lower rates.

One stop online destination for all goodies

Deal Guru being an associate of Ask Me Bazaar knows the requirements of the people at large. Thus, in its site you can actually get anything. From electronic stuff like computers and mobile phones, to kitchen and home furnishings like utensils and cotton towels, you can actually get and buy everything. To make your kids look good and cute, you can buy them apparel from Deal Guru that deals and sells apparel for children, men as well as women. You can also have the best and the leading cosmetics as well as perfumes. For fashion accessories like bags, footwear and jewellery, Deal Guru can be really a good choice. The list of the products simply cannot be described in mere words.

How the deals are done?


The main action of processing more than 1000+ deals with the assistance of 900+ sellers is maintained in the following way.

  • In the first step, the Deal Guru team ask the sellers for the required product samples, after which, they review them and identify for a good and suitable price. Only after the sellers confirm and agree the price, the deal is sent and set up live in the Deal Guru.
  • For letting the buyers know about the products, their photographs and content, are done by the Deal Guru team.
  • After the orders are generated, the products are delivered to the required buyers at their very doorstep.
  • Post the delivery process, a confirmation call is sent to the buyer.
  • When this whole delivery has been executed, after making the required and minimal deductions as charges and commission, the money or the amount is then sent to the required sellers.
  • When required, Deal Guru also executes a return process, where the product can be returned by the buyer.

Ask Me Bazaar has indeed done a great job with the introduction of Deal Guru. Deal Guru since it’s first day has gained a lot of popularity because of it’s extraordinary services. As the name suggests, Deal Guru is indeed the master of all deals.

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