Save money on Textbooks – Shop with Amazon’s Textbook Store

If you are wondering how to save money on textbooks, you must know about Amazon’s textbook store. One of the most popular textbook rental services, it is the best choice for students. Read on to know more.

Save money on textbooks

With educational expenses at an all-time high, not everyone is looking to spend a lot of money on text books. This year save money on textbooks by getting them the right way.

Amazon Student program

Amazon has launched a textbook rental program that is helping students procure the books they want without having to pay a lot of money for them. It offers a unique service called the Amazon student program. You can sign up for a free trial to check it out. During this period, you will get free two-days shipping on your books. When you officially sign up for the service, you pay a reasonable annual fee to use its services.

Rent a book

While you can always buy your books at a discount, if you don’t plan to use the books after your course is completed, renting them is the best way to save money on textbooks. A textbook that is priced at $170 might rent for around $50. You can thus save lots of cash per semester when you shop with Amazon’s textbook store. You can rent a book for a period of 130 days, which is the usual duration of a semester. You can also renew the books for 15 more days at an additional cost.

shop with Amazon’s textbook store

Rental policies

Amazon has several policies for textbook rentals and it is important that you be aware of them when you shop with Amazon’s textbook store. Make sure you don’t mark up in the books or degrade their quality in any way. Amazon has strict rules about the condition in which the books should be returned. If you tamper with your books, you might have to pay the full amount. Renting will save you good money only if you take proper care of the books. As they will be used again after you have finished reading them, it is important that you keep them in the best shape possible.

Also, make sure to extend your due dates before they expire and communicate with the customer service department if you are facing any issues; these will enhance your overall experience manifold. You can contact customer service to know more about how to save money on textbooks when you rent from Amazon.


If the book you require is available in eTextbook format, you can get it sent to your Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still access Kindle titles on your mobile device or laptop through a Kindle app. Another benefit of accessing texts on a Kindle is that you can highlight content and insert notes as much as you want; Kindle will delete them before sending it to the next renter.

To conclude, Amazon’s text book store has gained immense popularity since it was launched a couple of years back, and most students agree that is one of the best and the most diverse rental services available today. So, if you are looking to save money on textbooks, shop with Amazon’s textbook store.

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