Setting Up Your Business to Receive Payments

As a new business, you will be spending a lot of time trying to find customers and getting your brand out into the world. However, what happens when those customers start arriving? Have you thought about how they will pay for your products or services?

Enabling your business to take money is an essential part of the business, so you need to sort it out as early as possible. Here are a few steps to take to get the money coming into your company.

Business Accounts

Early on in your business’s life, you should have set up a business account with your bank. If you are operating in your name, then customers can simply pay into your account. However, if you have set up a business name, you will need a business checking account, so your customers can pay directly into that.

Tax Number

To get a business account, you will need a tax number from the tax office. You will then need to obtain a tax number from the state your company is based. Your bank business adviser will be able to help you with the forms and how to go through the process.

Setting up a Merchant Account

To be able to accept payments by credit card, you will need a merchant account. You need a merchant account, a bank account and a way to process payments to begin. You will also have to pay a monthly fee as well as a transaction fee to use credit card payment machines.

Online Payment Systems

You can find some vendors who can process your transactions online, they usually all charge a small fee, however the ability to handle payments in such a stress-free way is invaluable.

It also gives your company the ability to take payments directly from your mobile app, your website or other online shopping sites. It gets payments to you faster and helps boost productivity.

Security of Customers Data

If you are collecting customers payment details, you will need a secure way to keep this information, so it doesn’t get stolen or transmitted elsewhere. Your customers will rely on you to protect their data, and any breach will cost trust.

If you do lose data or suffer a computer system failure, the best option is to enlist the help of a data recovery professional who can help you recover the data. Firms like Secure Data Recovery can process damaged hard drives and computers to recover the data and protect your customers.

Website Store

Now you have a way to handle transactions; you can set up a business store on your website. It will enable you to add PayPal or other vendors buttons to your products so customers can pay quickly. It makes it more convenient for them and you.

Setting up payments for your business is a fairly straightforward process that will not only generate income for your business but also delight your customers with the quick and easy ways they can pay.

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