Avoid Unwanted Notifications in Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media that enable you to connect with large number of people and also let you to share anything you want, which keep you updated. Though, the you can get updated by all the happening in the world and also you can get to know about your friends and family and other users, you will also receive some unwanted notification as well in your Facebook account. In this busy world, people are too busy with their stuffs as they get some time to relax themselves. So they might not get enough time to browse all your notifications. In the same way, you can be irritated by getting unwanted notifications from the spam group, for this purpose Facebook offers some privacy options that let you to have a complete control over your privacy account. Check out the following lines that will give you the perfect solution to get rid of these issues.


Here providing you the steps to block unwanted notifications from Facebook groups, events and apps or games request.

Group notifications

You might be in number of groups in facebook to chat with your friends and family or also you might be in group with the great persons of your desired field to get updated. In this case, all the posts from the people of different groups are not important to you to notice. At times you post a particular message in the groups and would like to receive notifications only associated with it and not from other people in the group. For this purpose, you are provided with the option called Notications with the choices called ‘on’ or ‘off’.

On the other hand, when you comment on someone else’s post into a group, you keep on receiving notifications from that thread. To disable notifications from that particular thread you can simply click on the cross sign in the post notification and unfollow or visit that thread and click ‘Unfollow post’.


Apps and Games Notification

The most irritating thing regarding the notification is that receiving apps and games request, which you might be receive often in your account from your friends and families. To avoid this issue, you can make a click on the ‘outstanding’ requests that can be found on the homepage of your Facebook account. All you have to do is, just go to the app/game you want to stop receive notifications and click on the cross button. Then either you can block the app or ignore all games request from that particular sender.

Read out and make use of it. I hope this post helps you to save your valuable time on browsing Facebook notifications. Good Luck!

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