Boeing’s New Laser Cannon – Silent & Invisible

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Boeing’s new laser cannon, although silent and invisible will slay enemy drones by taking them within a second. The Compact Laser Weapons System – CLWS has the potential of tracking down an unmanned aerial vehicle – UAC and eradicate a threat.

Video of its Compact Laser Weapons Systems demonstrations had been released by Boeing and therefore the laser had taken part in ultra-cool Exercise Black Dart in August that focuses on innovative technical to tackle hostile drones. The CLWS tends to specialise in the trail of the target drone for around 10 to 15 seconds, setting it on fire and destroys it.

In the video , Isaac Neal, Boeing engineer describes it as ` a attachment torch being placed on target from many hundreds of meters away and if one were on the receiving end of laser energy, They might don’t have any plan from where it absolutely was coming or what could be happening’.

The CLWS is said to be a 2 kilowatt laser that centres a directed energy beam on a target and is thus correct that it will target a selected location on a drone where the laser tends to be silent also as invisible.


Identifying & Tracking Air and Ground Targets

The system has the capabilities of identifying and tracking air and ground targets as they move around by utilising a mid-wave infra-red device, having a spread of around forty kilometres.

In the video it indicates that the laser takes regarding fifteen seconds to destroy a drone. The laser is alleged to be controlled with an Xbox 360-like controller that is connected to a computer equipped with the targeting software and takes solely 2 war-fighters to to move the laser across the battle space to deliver focused fire power. The laser can be moved in a few boxes and set up in few minutes.

Another 2 main advantages of laser weapons is that they need unlimited magazines provided, power and value for every shot appears to be a quite lower. Boeing has been having several lasers systems ongoing from lasers just like the CLWS that tends to specifically concentrate on drones through lasers that aim other threats like little quick attack boats, mortar and rockets.

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