Success Factors That Govern How Well You Do In JEE Mains

With huge number of candidates appearing for the JEE Main exams, it has become very competitive and hard to crack. Dedication, complete attention and enthusiasm to succeed are the mainstay on which success stands. While the question of how to win the battle of JEE Mains exam is lingering in the minds of students appearing for it, it is important to know what are the success factors that ultimately leads to perform exceptionally well.

Start the preparation early

Starting the preparations for JEE at an early stage has certainly clear-cut advantages. It helps you to plan equally well for all the subjects and you can allocate sufficient time. You will have ample time to revisit the subjects and will allow you to devote time for your academics as well. Since you start preparing early, you can revise the plans once you feel that they are going awry. Write short notes and formulae for each topic from the beginning, this will be handy for the final revisions.


Concentration and Confidence

Throughout your preparation, it is very essential to not to lose concentration. If you are starting early for example say from Class IX, there is every possibility of slackness on the part of preparation and you must avoid it. It is also very crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses of any subject. Converting weakness into strength is one of the key points to maintain high levels of confidence.

Practice tests plays a significant role

Practice tests play a major factor in JEE Main success. The more you are good at practice tests, the better the chance of success in the JEE Main exam. There are a number of practice papers, question banks with keys, mock test papers are available for download and you can utilize them for thorough practice. Learning from the mistakes committed from these practice tests helps one to wear protect shield for the JEE Main exam.

Evolve your own strategy

It is imperative to build your own strategies to tackle any difficulty that comes in the way of preparations. For example preparing schedules for study plan can make your preparations comfortable. Strategies for time planning not only for preparations but also for reading, understanding and answering questions are most essential. Hard working with smartness is fundamental to overcome any reverses in preparation for JEE Main exam.

Some of the points shared by toppers for JEE Main

De-motivation kills the preparation, and this could happen especially whenever you get struck in one problem. Be assured there is a solution for all the problems.

Clear all the doubts by following with instructors and teachers. Get whatever possible help to make yourself foolproof against the doubts.

Never neglect the academics, in-depth study of subjects in fact helps you to answer difficult questions easily.

Keep away all the distractions like television, spending too much time on social media. They can kill your valuable time.

Choosing right books for your preparation is important. Knowing JEE Main Syllabus and practicing as per syllabus saves your time and effort.

Caring for yourself

Sufficient sleep and taking food on time is important for your preparation. Neglecting health or health issues can upset your plans and goals. Relax well yourself and find time to talk to your family members, friends and well-wishers. Have a daily routine to do simple exercises or walking, they can keep your body and mind fit.

We have seen factors that can be practiced for succeeding in JEE Main exam. Self-belief and self-esteem also plays a vital role in performing well in the exam, keep in mind that nothing succeeds like success.

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