A lot of people love to read books of various types. For such voracious readers, Kindle introduce an app and a tablet that were designed just for people who take pleasure in reading and learning new stuff. In recent times, Kindle users have been hoping for a water-proofed and durable tablet that can enable them to read documents, books or anything even when they are on a pool ,in the middle of a shower etc..

How is this water-proofing done ?

Their wish has been finally granted. Kindle has partnered with the gadget water-proofing aficionados, Waterfi, to produce a water-proof Kindle tablet. This is the first and so far the only authentic water-proofed Kindle tab available in the market. It is encased in an extremely tight seal which covers the entire device from all angles and ensures that it stays dry. This rugged casing is designed to make it withstand a variety of conditions. Also the casing is smooth and invisible so the users can read their materials without any impediments

Longevity of this water-proofing

The water-proofing lasts upto 6 feet for 30 minutes. An ordinary user will only just want their tabs to be resistant to a few sprinkles when they are in a shower or maybe a few splashes of water when they are near a pool. So, unless a user takes his or her tab for a deep sea dive, it would easily be able to resist water. This Kindle tab has a limited one year warranty should it be damaged.

So those who were skeptical about buying Kindle tabs have yet another reason to buy it because now it cannot be affected by water. This added protection to the Kindle tab will help in boosting the sales. The added joy it brings to all the study bees will surely help Kindle in establishing itself as a company that cares for its customers.

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