Google’s Chromebook Pixel is Coming Soon

Are you a fan of Google’s Chromebook Pixel? Good news for you all. Google has just recently revealed the hot news during the “Google TeamWork 2015” that the most interesting new version of the Chromebook Pixel is coming “soon.” The new upgraded Chromebook has come with the excellent high resolution touch screen with the large display. This has been came with the best looking features with the premium price of $1,300, bringing the best in terms of hardware, software and design that inspires each and every users. All the innovative features comprised over here would be used to encourage Web developers to add touch and high-res support to their websites, which also offers the great platform for them to work on. The creation of a new Pixel most likely means that Google has more hardware gizmos it wants to pack into the device to help push the Web forward.


What makes this stunning Google’s Chromebook Pixel more interesting and innovative thing is that it has intiated their work in order to close the gap between Web apps and smartphone apps by adding support for smartphone hardware like GPS and accelerometers. This Pixel attracts every one in terms of its features and its stylish look as it boots up in a fraction of second and stays fast, requires almost zero setup or maintenance, and comes with virus protection built-in. Best of all, it stays up to date with seamless updates every few weeks.

We don’t know exactly when a new Pixel will launch, but the first Pixel launched at Google I/O 2013. Google I/O 2015 is just a few months away.

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