Optimization Requires More than Good Keywords

Keywords will always play an integral part in developing a website. After all, it’s the words themselves for which people are searching. However, more goes into a strong strategy for optimization in order to improve page ranking in search engines. It can be quite maddening to a novice when considering what methods are currently viable as search engines such as Google keep “improving” search criteria. Although these companies have the average user’s best interest in mind, it can create quite a disruption in optimization techniques.

Most search engines are looking for relevancy and popularity of specific content. In the days of old, you could essentially create backlinks from virtually any website to your own and vastly improve your page rank. In today’s methods, relevancy plays a key role reducing the spam of links that have nothing to do with the flow of content. For instance, a backlink created on a boating blog will not help the rank of your pedigree dog website – unless the linked page refers to boating with certain breeds of dog. Otherwise, improper links from irrelevant material could actually hinder your optimization.

Keyword saturation was a coveted practice in the early 2000s. The more often a keyword or phrase was integrated within the content, the higher a page could rank. Today, saturation of this material could actually cause your site to lose ground in a severe way. In fact, many websites that relished in high volumes of traffic prior to Google’s algorithm changes during the later parts of the 2000s found their websites suffering dramatically. Essentially, these search engines are beginning to force legitimate and fair practices in order to accumulate traffic to the site.

While many of these search engine optimization practices can be done by yourself, it’s still an incredible undertaking when considering all of the changes that happen throughout any given year. You would need to closely monitor changes that search engines implement in order to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy.

It is this constant evolution of information that prompts many site owners to invest in the practices of the SEO experts. Instead of relying on your own skills and knowledge to hopefully improve a site’s page rank, these professionals already know what needs to be done and can facilitate the changes immediately. Although nobody is doubting your own capabilities to properly enact SEO strategies, why leave the success of your site to chance when professionals can free your time while allowing your site to flourish?

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