Top 7 Best Selling Console Games of All Time

If you happen to notice a consistency or two with these top 7 best selling console games of all time, feel free to shout it out. There will be a quiz later.

Top 7 Best Selling Console Games of All Time

7. New Super Mario Bros (2006) (Nintendo DS)

Two things are certain: People are never going to get tired of Mario, and Nintendo is always going to deliver another classic title, when the time comes. Not only did New Super Mario Bros add brilliant, delightful variations on the classic story and formula, but it also sold like it was 1985 all over again. Nintendo has sold 29.5 million copies of the game thus far.

6. Tetris (1989) (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Although old-school purists continue to swear on a stack of Bibles that Tengen’s 1989 NES version of the game is still the best version of Tetris to be found anywhere, Nintendo ultimately won the day. With stronger name value, not to mention a lawsuit that doomed Tengen’s version to obscurity, Nintendo pushed 30.26 million copies of Tetris out the door.

5. Pokémon Red/Blue/Green Version (1996) (Nintendo GB)

Wanna feel old all of a sudden? Just consider that it has been nearly 20 years, since Nintendo stunned the entire world with Pokémon. Although Red/Blue/Green Version is technically the same game, players who wanted to catch ‘em all had to get all three versions. That certainly didn’t seem to bother the millions of fans the games created overnight, and Nintendo probably didn’t mind selling 31.37 million copies combined.


4. Wii Sports Resort (2009) (Nintendo Wii)

The fact that Wii Sports Resort was bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory is undoubtedly why the title has sold 31.89 million copies. Nonetheless, whether you’re a Nintendo fan or not, it’s impossible to deny something very simple: When it comes to video games, there is still a huge portion of the world that believes the industry begins and ends with Nintendo.

3. Mario Kart Wii (2008) (Nintendo Wii)

Nintendo has had a sure-thing in the Mario Kart franchise for over 20 years now, and with every console release, you can be sure a new version is going to hit the scene. And with each Mario Kart that’s come out through the years, everything gets a little bigger, a little brighter, and a little more challenging. Mario Kart Wii set the bar somewhere near the moon, and the hugely anticipated game was an instant hit with critics. It was a pretty big hit with fans, too. With new racers, huge tracks, tons of bonus features, and a variety of ways to play, Mario Kart Wii hasn’t had to work very hard at selling 33.88 million copies so far.

2. Super Mario Bros (1985) (Nintendo Entertainment System)

This one is a no-brainer. The game that helped to save the flagging video game industry had the advantage of being bundled in with the NES itself, but even with that aside, people who didn’t get this game with their Nintendo made sure to change that pretty quickly. To date, Nintendo has sold over 40 million copies of this iconic title.

1. Wii Sports (2006) (Nintendo Wii)

Like it or not, but this is indeed the best-selling console game to date. Between the novelty of the title, and Nintendo including the game with the system, over 80 million copies have been sold.

Notice a trend in these top 7 best selling console games of all time? Nintendo may not be perfect, lord knows they’ve made some mistakes, but when it comes to selling games, they still seem to know what they’re doing. And that’s almost certainly not going to change anytime soon.


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