Top 6 apps to help you plan the long weekend

There is a long weekend coming up and if you furthermore also us have simply realized this fact. Then fret not, there are apps which will assist you planned out your weekend set up. Additionally to this, there’ll be another long weekend coming back in August, thus check your calendar and make use of those apps to set up something in advance for the same.


There are many travel apps that assist you in designing a getaway. A number of the popular ones are build My Trip, Cleartrip, Yatra, Expedia and Go Ibibo. However, in person I like the calendar feature on the Cleartrip app that facilitate check the date wise honest and plan consequently.



While most of the travel apps, assist you book an accommodation as well. However, if you’re yearning for distinctive places to remain or homestays, this can be the app you must be finding out.


If you’re in no mood to set up a visit currently, then don’t worry there’s many fun that you just will have indoors moreover. One great way are going to be to catch up on the most recent series via Netflix. Here could be a list of thirty five series that we expect are the simplest.


It is a mood-based discovery app which will assist you discover places, events and offers around you. You furthermore also have the choice of shopping for event tickets, booking local experiences and redeeming coupons right off the app.


If sharing food together with your dear ones and making lasting happiness in each mouthful is what you love, it’s time you ought to install this app on your phone. InnerChef is passionate about giving the last word food expertise to its customers and serving to them #eatbetter. InnerChef food is recent, delicious and wholesome and is delivered to the doorstep in one hour delivery slots. InnerChef offers meals in 2 formats: Ready-to-Eat and 15-min Meals. Ready-to-Eat as name suggests is prepared to be eaten up!


We are all probing for sensible deals around us and this one app will assist you get that. The app options deals on restaurants, last-minute hotels, movies, spas, salons, weekend activities, sports activities, journey activities, health & fitness activities.

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