Real Time Benefits with Video Conferencing

Any organization that operates using time as a constraint has to think about how they can shorten their current operational cycle. Doing things quicker doesn’t just represent an increase of service and doing more for your vendors; it also means you can receive a significant cost savings when it comes to what your employees are able to do with respect to efficiency. These are some of the reasons that organizations are implementing live conference calls and instant communications to get the job done quicker than ever before.

You Can Be Live in the Field

Whether you need to be on the go or not, you probably need to remember that many front line workers are in the field these days for a majority of industries. Whether this is due to having actual operations staff out and about performing work, having managers travel between sites and supervise multiple locations, or even just having a sales staff that is going to a client’s (or potential client’s) place of business, you need to adapt to a more fluid business world.

Being prepared is not just what you need to do in order to be professional, it’s what you need to do in order to save time and get the job done quicker. With people in the field you can not only guarantee that you’ll get things done more quickly, but it truly does act as a sales tool when you can exemplify speed when it comes to problem resolution. Obviously there is no real problem that a client or a potential client wants to see, but if they do see a problem or some sort of trouble happening then you will want to show them how quickly and effectively problems are resolved to prove your business professionalism and seriousness. Getting the job done whenever and wherever thanks to mobile technology only reinforces the idea of being dependable.

One Person Can Cover More Ground

When it comes to spreading out your footprint, you always want to be able to cast a wider net. That being said, you also have to consider that you need the manpower to be able to cover that physical ground as well. Just because you can get your foot in the door for a broader region doesn’t mean you can keep it there. When it comes to servicing satellite locations, businesses can actually be at a disadvantage due to the fixed time costs associated with traveling and covering a broader geographic region.


One of the main tools that businesses have used to overcome this sort of strategy is to simply rely on technology. Thinking about the advantages of video conferencing for IT by Blue Jeans, for example, is truly one way to get the actual efficiency that a company desires when searching for expanded territories. Rather than devoting nearly countless resources to the expansion goals that a given company has, by minimizing the miles and hours that will be wasted on travel, an organization can grow their physical territory without having to devote resources constantly patrolling it.

Cost Savings

Thinking about business you will no doubt be forced to think about the potential cost deficiencies or benefits of each and every decision. The initial outlay for any potential technology can cost some money in the form of both dollars and time at startup, but that investment can also have a payback that is far greater so long as the technology is used correctly. With respect to the actual savings of using technology, there is so much in the form of potential savings that you can make a significant investment and still receive a greater benefit so long as you manage the process correctly.

Any potential investment at any phase of the organization that results in less down time for employees to do their job is great. Minimizing travel costs is also instantly beneficial. And, when you consider the increase of reputation due to faster response and communication times, improving your operational cycle and tightening the supply chain efficiency truly ends up becoming a marketing tool as your reputation increases as well.

Even though shaving seconds and minutes here and there might not seem like a significant strategy, just imagine the idea of adding a few extra percent to your bottom line for the same amount of time. As long as an organization is planning on growing and continuing to get better at every step of the way, they need to be conscious of the efficiency rate at which they do business. Even though technical support is a necessary part of any business, the key should be finding out how to get better while also minimizing the cost as well. Certain technologies aren’t just primed to work well with this sort of model, but they are designed specifically to enhance the efficiency model.

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