Keep Your Life at Home Organized With These 4 Apps

If you’re like me (and the rest of the population), you’ve got a lot going on in your life. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Here are 4 apps that will help you stay organized in your busy life.

You Rule Chores

The best part about being a parent is having kids help you with chores. To help you dodge the bullet of “free labor,” you can use the You Rule Chores app. This app helps you manage and divvy out chores to your family. Once they’re done with their task, you can reward them with a point (which can ultimately lead up to a prize, if you so desire). The app’s interface is well-polished and has great graphics that are perfect for a family app. Using the app is very simple and intuitive. So, help yourself turn your kids into productive, chore-finishing maniacs. You Rule Chores will help you keep your brain and home organized. Kick back, relax, and watch your home get organized.


Late fees are a thing of the past. BillMinder will help you stay on top of your everyday bills by bringing them all into one well-organized spot. You can have reminders sent to you whenever you want: schedule them for when you get home, save them for the weekends, or just choose to take a look at them whenever you’re free. You can sync your bills between multiple devices to keep everyone who needs to know in the loop. If a bill gets paid off through BillMinder, everyone who is synced up will be notified. You can organize your bills based on when you need to pay them so you can hold off on those other bills. If you lose your phone, don’t worry – BillMinder backs up your information on a secure cloud so your data can be recovered. Best of all, you can send personalized reports about your bills to yourself to see how your payments fluctuate throughout the months. Help yourself organize your finances with BillMinder.


Throw your pen and notepad out the window – the 21st century is here to stay. Penultimate can help you turn your iPad into a near-infinite amount of note-taking paper. It’s simple: open the app and start writing! You can take notes, save sketches, and keep track of your million dollar ideas. This app is also a part of the Evernote family, so if you have any other apps by them, you can easily share and sync up your devices with Penultimate. This is a great way to remember all of your great ideas and share them with family, friends, or co-workers. Help yourself organize your mind with Penultimate.

Keep track of your house with the help of your home security system. For my Schertz home security, I use Smith Monitoring in conjunction with my app. This helps me stay connected to my home even when I’m away. I can keep track of everything that happens at home. I can receive notifications when appliances turn on, when my security system is activated, and much more. I can even remotely watch live feeds of my security cameras. With the app, I never accidentally leave appliances in my home on, and I always remember to lock my doors and activate my security system. This helps me keep my absent-mindedness at bay and helps me stay organized.

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