Apple is a company that is very famous for jumping curves constantly shifting from one product line to another. This has enabled to always be ahead of their competitors and satisfy their customers. It is now all set to create another market like it has done always. This time they are venturing into the smartwatch market.

Speculations about the iWatch

There has been many speculations over the last few months by Reuters that Apple is coming up with a new smartwatch. This smartwatch will be designed to integrate the most important features of a smartphone into a watch. It is expected to have a touchscreen measuring 2.5 inches diagonally. This might seem to be too big a dimension for a wrist watch. But it is surely expected to be light as Apple is famous for making watches that are big and light. It can also measure the pulse rate of the wearer. It will have a wireless charging capacity. It is also expected to contain a small amount of memory to store atleast a small amount of songs, images and files. It will also come with a bluetooth facility which could allow one to send files. Hence it is anticipated that this phone will have some important features of a smartphone apart from calling facilities.

Expectations of Apple fan boys

However all of this is still a speculation as Apple has not made any announcements or public statements about this project. But certain unnamed sources at Taiwan Quanta Computers say that they have already started supplying many of the components required to produce such a smartwatch which makes one think that these speculations could be true.

Many Apple fans have already started calling this product iWatch. Some believe that Apple would certainly come up with this product and release it as it has been a long time Apple has done anything revolutionary since releasing the iPhone.

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