More Bang for Your Business’ Buck!

In the world of e-commerce, he who learns about good sales tools can position himself above other entrepreneurs, especially if he gives these tools a try. Some of these tools save sales when browsing customers decide to leave. Others allow customers to save money with interactive online coupons. Where do you learn about all these innovations?

Tech Development Labs

Tech development labs work hard to bring groundbreaking innovations to e-commerce store owners. E-commerce is still a new field, with developments you can take advantage of right now. Other developments are still in the planning and building stage – but you can be sure that, when you read about them, you’re going to want to learn more.

What kinds of developments are coming out? Store owners, customers and Yahoo! have all been able to benefit from a navigation tool that enables customers to navigate the Yahoo! Store more easily. Customers and e-store owners all win as customers, satisfied with their browsing experience, decide to shop.

Features for E-Commerce Stores

Yahoo! Store hasn’t been the only business to benefit. Other e-store owners have taken advantage of scratch-off coupon codes. These codes have been modified, making them compatible with mobile phones, which extends the reach of the store’s owner.

Other tools enable e-commerce store owners to cut down on shopping cart abandonments by detecting when customers try to leave the e-store’s website. When this happens, a coupon code pops up, inviting the customer to complete his purchase by taking advantage of a one-time instant discount.

E-commerce store owners can use Facebook to increase likes and, therefore, exposure to their sites. This allows store owners to increase sales and their fan base.

Upcoming Developments

The Cart Abandonment Tool helps to convert browsers into active shoppers. Once they have begun putting items into their virtual shopping carts, they are supposed to go to checkout and make their purchases. Some shoppers change their minds. The Cart Abandonment Tool puts a popup in front of them, tempting them to complete their purchases with a special offer – as long as they buy during that visit.

Interact More With Your Customers

Each of these developments allows you to create a back-and-forth interaction with your customers. A case in point is the Scratch and Save scratch-off coupon.

This feature is interactive because it allows your customers to scratch on the coupon you present for a particular item. When the customer sees the discount, he is more likely to place and pay for his order.

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