New Google Pay App for Android is Available Now

Back in Jan Google declared that it might mix all of its completely different payment services into the new Google Pay brand. And these days the new Google Pay app for Android has become offered to form that possible. Therefore say your goodbyes to each android Pay and Google Wallet.

Google Pay

The Google Pay app is outwardly only 1 a part of everything the search big has planned in this area. Within the future, all Google merchandise ought to support Google Pay, together with Chrome and Google Assistant. You ought to also progressively see google’s Pay app accepted on websites, in apps, and “at your favorite places around the world“.

The app has 2 tabs. Home homes your recent purchases permits you to realize close stores permits for simple access to rewards and shows useful tips. Cards encompass a self-descriptive name – it’s wherever you retain everything you wish at checkout, be that credit and debit cards, loyalty programs, or gift cards.

Google Pay works for transit fares in Kiev, London, and Portland at the instant, with a lot of cities secure to come back shortly. You’ll be able to also fill online payment forms with the new app, similar to you were wont to do with android Pay. And like that, google’s Pay has an additional layer of security compared to using a credit or debit card directly, since your actual card range is not shared after you use it in stores.

“Within succeeding few months” you will be able to send and request cash through Google Pay, however only within the United States and therefore the United Kingdom. Within the meanwhile, that practicality lives within the Google Pay Send app, that is simply a renamed Google wallet.

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