10 Amazing Facts about Amazon

Jeff Bezos was recently named the richest man in the world, ahead of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. And though he only held the title briefly -around four hours due to a poor earnings reports, his entrepreneurship has changed the way people buy products forever. His company, Amazon, was founded in 1994 and now dominates the global e-commerce marketplace. And Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods, a natural food store that caters to consumers who want to enjoy both a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyable shopping experience. Starting as an online bookstore, the company eventually revolutionized the way consumer products are purchased and shipped.

Amazon offers the ability to purchase consumer items for a reasonable price in India, and with quick delivery, the company offers great promise in the future. One can buy nearly anything on Amazon: from books to electronics; from toys to cosmetics. Amazon now has more employees than Google and Microsoft combined, all to meet the company’s massive logistical load.

Most people who haven’t been living under a rock for the past ten years know what Amazon is. But did you know that this online retail giant has a fascinating -and complicated- history? Amazon’s story is a truly unique one, and small businesspeople and laypeople alike would do well to learn from it. That is why this infographic has been created to help you better understand this commercial behemoth. Amazon is helping to drive the global stock market higher and is driving traditional retailers out of business. Let’s take a look at one of the 21st century’s most innovative companies.

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